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Narratives from a Transnational Community. Representations of the Other and the Self in two Iraqi Novels in Sweden
In this paper we point at two turning points in contemporary Arabic literary creativity: the fact that since the second half of the 20th century many Arab writers are living in political exile andExpand
Jacob Høigilt Comics in Contemporary Arab Culture I.B. Tauris, 2019.
Det arabiska litterara faltet har under de senastedecennierna genomgatt stora forandringar. Inteminst har de omvalvande skeendena i sambandmed den den arabiska varen fran 2011 och framat,haft en stExpand
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Giving Voice to Silenced Stories in the Novel Kamā yanbaghī li-nahr [As is appropriate for a river] by Manhal al-Sarrāj
In February 1982 a massacre was carried out by Syrian governmental special forces in the town of Hama. Thousand of people were killed or taken away and thrown into prison. One third of the residentExpand