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Aerobic metabolism, octopine production and phosphoarginine as sources of energy in the phasic and catch adductor muscles of the giant scallop Placopecten magellanicus during swimming and the
1. 1. The energy contributions of aerobic metabolism, phosphoarginine, ATP and octopine in the adductor muscles of P. magellanicus were examined during swimming and recovery. 2. 2. A linearExpand
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Activity and Metabolism in the Mussel Mytilus edulis L. during Intertidal Hypoxia and Aerobic Recovery
Coordinated calorimetric and respirometric measurements revealed differences in heat dissipation during exposure to air (tq̇air) and its partitioning into aerobic and anaerobic components inExpand
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Metabolic Adaptations To Environmental Anoxia in the Intertidal Bivalve Mollusc Mytilus Edulis L
Many invertebrate species are able to withstand periods with interrupted oxygen supply that may extend over days. These so-called euryoxic organisms show metabolic adaptations different from thoseExpand
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Studies on the phylogenetic distribution of pyruvate oxidoreductases
Abstract Lactate dehydrogenase is present in all phyla examined. Alanopine and strombine dehydrogenase activities are present in all major phyla except the Arthropoda, Echinodermata and Chordata.Expand
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The role of amino acids in anaerobiosis and osmoregulation in bivalves
The role of free amino acids as solutes for cell volume regulation in marine molluscs under salinity stress is well established. Under hypoosmotic stress the intracellular concentrations of aminoExpand
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Differential sensitivities to hypoxia by two anoxia-tolerant marine molluscs: A biochemical analysis
The metabolic responses to a series of low oxygen tensions were compared for two species of Mediterranaean bivalves,Mytilus galloprovincialis andScapharca inaequivalvis. Whereas both species haveExpand
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4 – Carbohydrate Catabolism in Bivalves
Publisher Summary This chapter focuses on the variety and flexibility of pathways of carbohydrate catabolism in bivalves. In the presence of oxygen, glucosyl units are completely oxidized to H2O andExpand
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Cellular biochemistry and endocrinology
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Physiological and biochemical aspects of the valve snap and valve closure responses in the giant scallopPlacopecten magellanicus
Summary1.The giant scallopPlacopecten magellanicus responds to stimulation with starfish extract by snapping the valves in a series of rapid adductions. After approximately 25–35 adductions, theExpand
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