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Mass assembly in quiescent and star-forming galaxies since z ≃ 4 from UltraVISTA
We estimate the galaxy stellar mass function and stellar mass density for star-forming and quiescent galaxies with 0.2   1.5 consistent with the expected uncertainties. We also develop a new methodExpand
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The Chandra Deep Field-South: Optical Spectroscopy. I.*
We present the results of our spectroscopic follow-up program of the X-ray sources detected in the 942 ks exposure of the Chandra Deep Field-South (CDFS). A total of 288 possible counterparts wereExpand
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Chandra Deep Field South: The 1 Ms Catalog
In this paper we present the source catalog obtained from a 942 ks exposure of the Chandra Deep Field South (CDFS), using the Advanced CCD Imaging Spectrometer (ACIS-I) on the Chandra X-rayExpand
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The Chandra Deep Field-South: The 1 Million Second Exposure*
We present the main results from our 940 ks observation of the Chandra Deep Field-South using the source catalog described in an accompanying paper by Giacconi et al. We extend the measurement ofExpand
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The size evolution of galaxies since z~3: combining SDSS, GEMS, and FIRES
We present the evolution of the luminosity-size and stellar mass-size relations of luminous ( L-V greater than or similar to 3.4 x 10(10) h(70)(-2) L-circle dot) and massive ( M-* greater than orExpand
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New Results from the X-Ray and Optical* Survey of the Chandra Deep Field-South: The 300 Kilosecond Exposure. II.
We present results from 300 ks of X-ray observations of the Chandra Deep Field-South. The field of the four combined exposures is now 0.1035 deg2, and we reach a flux limit of 10-16 ergs s-1 cm-2 inExpand
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Strong size and internal density evolution of early-type galaxies between -->z ~ 2 and the present has been reported by several authors. Here we analyze samples of nearby and distant ( -->z ~ 1)Expand
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Tracing the Large-Scale Structure in the Chandra Deep Field South
We report the discovery of large-scale structures of X-ray sources in the 1 Ms observation of the Chandra Deep Field South. Two main structures appear as narrow (?z 0.02) spikes in the sourceExpand
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Hubble space telescope and Spitzer imaging of red and blue galaxies at z 2.5: a correlation between size and star formation activity from compact quiescent galaxies to extended star-forming galaxies
We present HST NICMOS+ACS and Spitzer IRAC+MIPS observations of 41 galaxies at 2 < z < 3.5 in the FIRES MS 1054 field with red and blue rest-frame optical colors. About half of the galaxies are veryExpand
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Hubble Space Telescope ACS Multiband Coronagraphic Imaging of the Debris Disk around β Pictoris
We present F435W (B), F606W (broad V), and F814W (broad I) coronagraphic images of the debris disk around β Pictoris obtained with the Hubble Space Telescope's Advanced Camera for Surveys. TheseExpand
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