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Plankton in the open Mediterranean Sea: a review
Abstract. We present an overview of the plankton studies conducted during the last 25 years in the epipelagic offshore waters of the Mediterranean Sea. This quasi-enclosed sea is characterized by aExpand
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Eukaryotic plankton diversity in the sunlit ocean
Marine plankton support global biological and geochemical processes. Surveys of their biodiversity have hitherto been geographically restricted and have not accounted for the full range of planktonExpand
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Alien species in the Mediterranean Sea by 2010. A contribution to the application of European Union's Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD). Part I. Spatial distribution
The state-of-art on alien species in the Mediterranean Sea is presented, making distinctions among the four subregions defined in the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive: (i) the WesternExpand
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Green and golden seaweed tides on the rise
Sudden beaching of huge seaweed masses smother the coastline and form rotting piles on the shore. The number of reports of these events in previously unaffected areas has increased worldwide inExpand
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Global diversity and biogeography of Skeletonema species (bacillariophyta).
Recent studies have shown that the cosmopolitan diatom Skeletonema costatum sensu lato is composed of several morphologically and genetically distinct species. To assess whether the separate speciesExpand
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Marine protist diversity in European coastal waters and sediments as revealed by high-throughput sequencing.
Although protists are critical components of marine ecosystems, they are still poorly characterized. Here we analysed the taxonomic diversity of planktonic and benthic protist communities collectedExpand
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Potentially toxic and harmful microalgae from coastal waters of the Campania region (Tyrrhenian Sea, Mediterranean Sea)
Abstract A total number of 40 potentially toxic microalgae and 5 taxa causing discolorations have been identified along the coasts of the Campania region (South Tyrrhenian Sea, Mediterranean Sea).Expand
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Seasonal patterns in plankton communities in a pluriannual time series at a coastal Mediterranean site (Gulf of Naples): an attempt to discern recurrences and trends
SUMMARY: The annual cycle of plankton was studied over 14 years from 1984 to 2000 at a coastal station in the Gulf of Naples, with the aim of assessing seasonal patterns and interannual trends.Expand
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Seasonal dynamics in the abundance of Micromonas pusilla (Prasinophyceae) and its viruses in the Gulf of Naples (Mediterranean Sea)
To assess the role of viruses in the bloom dynamics of Micromonas pusilla in the Gulf of Naples (Mediterranean Sea), variations of host and virus abundance were followed over one annual cycle and inExpand
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