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The Subsidized Muse: Government and the Arts in Western Europe and the United States
Using the neo-classical justifications for government support of the arts that Dick Netzer discussed in The Subsidized Muse as a starting point, the article contends that market failure is not anExpand
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Corporatism Revisited—The Legacy of History and the German Nonprofit Sector
Salamon argues strongly in favor of a public–nonprofit partnership model expressing the European flavor of corporatism. Germany provides a textbook example of corporatist arrangements, particularlyExpand
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The Legacy of Subsidiarity: The Nonprofit Sector in Germany
The concept of a third sector embedded in society and apart from government has not yet developed into an “island of identity” in Germany. The reasons why the idea of a third sector as a part ofExpand
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At the Eve of Convergence? Transformations of Social Service Provision in Denmark, Germany, and the United States
Increasing societal heterogeneity, changing demographics, and increasing public debt and fiscal constraints have recently challenged traditional “regime” approaches to welfare state development. SomeExpand
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Civil Society Organizations in Central and Eastern European Countries: Introduction and Terminology
2004 has been a decisive year for Europe. With the expansion of the European Union to incorporate the Central and Eastern European countries, the Union has taken on a new dimension that opens majorExpand
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Future of civil society : making central European nonprofit-organizations work
Traditions and Perspectives of Civil Society in Central Europe - Regulatory Environment - Central Topics of NPO-Management - Country Profiles
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Vereine — Basiselement der Demokratie
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Evaluation of pilocarpine-loaded albumin particles as controlled drug delivery systems for the eye. II. Co-administration with bioadhesive and viscous polymers
Abstract The aim of the present investigation was to investigate the influence of various polymers at different concentrations on the in vivo activity of pilocarpine-loaded albumin nanoparticles. ItExpand
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