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Enabling individualized therapy through nanotechnology.
Individualized medicine is the healthcare strategy that rebukes the idiomatic dogma of 'losing sight of the forest for the trees'. We are entering a new era of healthcare where it is no longerExpand
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A composite smeared finite element for mass transport in capillary systems and biological tissue.
One of the key processes in living organisms is mass transport occurring from blood vessels to tissues for supplying tissues with oxygen, nutrients, drugs, immune cells, and - in the reverseExpand
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Cooperative, nanoparticle-enabled thermal therapy of breast cancer.
Hollow gold nanoshells are more efficient in heat generation triggered by near infrared laser when they are loaded into porous silicon particles, which results in effective cancer-cell killing inExpand
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Capillary-wall collagen as a biophysical marker of nanotherapeutic permeability into the tumor microenvironment.
The capillary wall is the chief barrier to tissue entry of therapeutic nanoparticles, thereby dictating their efficacy. Collagen fibers are an important component of capillary walls, affectingExpand
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Engineering multi-stage nanovectors for controlled degradation and tunable release kinetics.
Nanovectors hold substantial promise in abating the off-target effects of therapeutics by providing a means to selectively accumulate payloads at the target lesion, resulting in an increase in theExpand
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Nanochannel Technology for Constant Delivery of Chemotherapeutics: Beyond Metronomic Administration
ABSTRACTPurposeThe purpose of this study is to demonstrate the long-term, controlled, zero-order release of low- and high-molecular weight chemotherapeutics through nanochannel membranes byExpand
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Molecular modeling of glucose diffusivity in silica nanochannels.
The diffusivity of glucose was studied in confined environment of a 10 nm silica nanochannel to evaluate the influence of the interface on glucose transport at a nano-scale range. Molecular dynamicsExpand
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Improved Multiplex Immunohistochemistry for Immune Microenvironment Evaluation of Mouse Formalin-Fixed, Paraffin-Embedded Tissues
Immune profiling of tissue through multiplex immunohistochemistry is important for the investigation of immune cell dynamics, and it can contribute to disease prognosis and evaluation of treatmentExpand
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Diffusion transport of nanoparticles at nanochannel boundaries
The manipulation of matter at the nanoscale has unleashed a great potential for engineering biomedical drug carriers, but the transport of nanoparticles (NPs) under nanoscale confinement is stillExpand
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A robust nanofluidic membrane with tunable zero-order release for implantable dose specific drug delivery.
This manuscript demonstrates a mechanically robust implantable nanofluidic membrane capable of tunable long-term zero-order release of therapeutic agents in ranges relevant for clinical applications.Expand
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