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Modern analytical techniques in metabolomics analysis.
Metabolomics is the comprehensive assessment of endogenous metabolites and attempts to systematically identify and quantify metabolites from a biological sample. Small-molecule metabolites have anExpand
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Regulation of Androgen Receptor Activity by the Nuclear Receptor Corepressor SMRT*
Androgen receptor (AR) is a hormone-regulated transcription factor that mediates a wide array of biological processes including sexual differentiation, spermatogenesis, and prostate cancerExpand
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Mitochondrial dysfunction in the pathophysiology of renal diseases.
Mitochondrial dysfunction has gained recognition as a contributing factor in many diseases. The kidney is a kind of organ with high energy demand, rich in mitochondria. As such, mitochondrialExpand
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Potential role of metabolomics apporoaches in the area of traditional Chinese medicine: as pillars of the bridge between Chinese and Western medicine.
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a holistic approach to health that attempts to bring the body, mind and spirit into harmony. Entering 21st century, TCM is getting more and more popular in theExpand
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Mitochondrial dysfunction mediates aldosterone-induced podocyte damage: a therapeutic target of PPARγ.
Aldosterone (Aldo) causes podocyte damage by an unknown mechanism. We examined the role of mitochondrial dysfunction (MtD) in Aldo-treated podocytes in vitro and in vivo. Exposure of podocytes toExpand
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The severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 3a is a novel structural protein
  • S. Shen, P. Lin, +5 authors Y. Tan
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  • Biochemical and Biophysical Research…
  • 5 March 2005
Abstract The severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV) 3a protein is one of the opening reading frames in the viral genome with no homologue in other known coronaviruses.Expand
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Urinary metabolic profiling identifies a key role for glycocholic acid in human liver cancer by ultra-performance liquid-chromatography coupled with high-definition mass spectrometry.
BACKGROUND Metabolomics has been proposed to be a hallmark of cancer, yet a systematic characterization of a metabolite and metabolic pathways in human hepatocarcinoma (HCC) remains a challenge. Expand
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Consumer response to green advertising: the influence of product involvement
This paper examines the differential effects of green appeals for low involvement and high involvement products. Through a controlled experiment conducted in China, our study demonstrates that forExpand
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Identification of a Novel Family of Ankyrin Repeats Containing Cofactors for p160 Nuclear Receptor Coactivators*
Members of the p160 nuclear receptor coactivators interact with liganded nuclear receptors to enhance transcription of target genes. Here we identify a novel family of ankyrin repeats containingExpand
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Urine Metabolomics Analysis for Biomarker Discovery and Detection of Jaundice Syndrome in Patients With Liver Disease*
Metabolomics is a powerful new technology that allows for the assessment of global metabolic profiles in easily accessible biofluids and biomarker discovery in order to distinguish between diseasedExpand
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