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Sternaspidae (Annelida, Sedentaria) from Vietnam with description of three new species and clarification of some morphological features.
Five sternaspid species were found near Vietnam shores: Sternaspis britayevi sp. nov., S. costata von Marenzeller, 1879, S. nana sp. nov., S. papillosa sp. nov., and S. spinosa Sluiter 1882.Expand
On the absence of circular muscle elements in the body wall of Dysponetus pygmaeus (Chrysopetalidae, Polychaeta, Annelida)
The annelid body wall generally comprises an outer layer of circular muscle fibres and an inner layer of longitudinal muscle fibres as well as parapodial and chaetal muscles. An investigation ofExpand
The parasitic polychaete known as Asetocalamyzas laonicola (Calamyzidae) is in fact the dwarf male of the spionid Scolelepis laonicola (comb. nov.)
Abstract. The morphology of the obligately ectoparasitic polychaete Asetocalamyzas laonicola was studied by light and electron microscopy, and its taxonomic position was determined using molecularExpand
Aspects of mast building and the fine structure of “amphipod silk” glands in Dyopedos bispinis (Amphipoda, Dulichiidae)
In the present study, we investigated the biology of Dyopedos bispinis, a mast-building amphipod that is abundant near the N. Pertsov White Sea Biological Station. To examine the peculiarities ofExpand
Revision of Buskiella McIntosh, 1885 (including Flota Hartman, 1967), and description of its trifid organ (Polychaeta: Flotidae)
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The morphology of Laubieriopsis sp. (Polychaeta, Fauveliopsidae) and the position of fauveliopsids in the polychaete system
The external and internal morphology of Laubieriopsis sp. from the North Sea was studied using light, scanning, and transmission microscopy. The morphology of the head end, parapodia, pigidium, bodyExpand
Cossuridae (Annelida: Polychaeta: Sedentaria) from Australian and adjacent waters: the first faunistic survey
The collection of Cossuridae at the Australian Museum was investigated. Nine species were identified. Most specimens were from New South Wales and Queensland, but some specimens were also fromExpand
Exploring the anatomy of Cossura pygodactylata Jones, 1956 (Annelida, Cossuridae) using micro-computed tomography, with special emphasis on gut architecture
The anatomy of Cossura pygodactylata Jones, 1956 (Annelida; Cossuridae) is presented, based on the study of specimens collected during the BIOICE project in Icelandic waters and additional materialExpand
Comparative morphology and ultrastructure of the respiratory system in four species of the Opheliidae family
Polychaetes show a remarkable diversity of the respiratory system structures. However, the ultrastructure of gills was studied only in some species from several families. The morphology andExpand
Three-dimensional reconstruction of the musculature of Cossura pygodactylata Jones, 1956 (Annelida: Cossuridae)
Abstract The musculature of adult specimens of Cossura pygodactylata was studied by means of F-actin labelling and confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM). Their body wall is comprised of fiveExpand