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Compact Object Modeling with the StarTrack Population Synthesis Code
We present a comprehensive description of the population synthesis code StarTrack. The original code has been significantly modified and updated. Special emphasis is placed here on processes leading
Bayesian Estimation of Hardness Ratios: Modeling and Computations
A rigorous statistical treatment of hardness ratios that properly deals with detected photons as independent Poisson random variables and correctly deals with the non-Gaussian nature of the error propagation is developed.
Radio Emission from an Ultraluminous X-ray Source
Radio emission from an ultraluminous x-ray source in the dwarf irregular galaxy NGC 5408 is discovered, and thex-ray, radio, and optical fluxes as well as the x-rays spectral shape are consistent with beamed relativistic jet emission from a accreting stellar black hole.
Discovery of a Luminous, Variable, Off-Center Source in the Nucleus of M82 with the Chandra High-Resolution Camera
We present results from observations of the most famous starburst galaxy M82 with the High-Resolution Camera on board the Chandra X-Ray Observatory. We found nine sources in the central 1' × 1'
Energy Feedback from X-ray Binaries in the Early Universe
X-ray photons, because of their long mean-free paths, can easily escape the galactic environments where they are produced, and interact at long distances with the intergalactic medium, potentially
Chandra Discovery of a Tree in the X-Ray Forest toward PKS 2155–304: The Local Filament?
We present the first X-ray detection of resonant absorption from warm/hot local gas either in our Galaxy, or in the intergalactic space surrounding our Galaxy, along the line of sight toward the
The Orbital Period of the Wolf-Rayet Binary IC 10 X-1: Dynamic Evidence that the Compact Object Is a Black Hole
IC 10 X-1 is a bright (LX = 1038 ergs s-1) variable X-ray source in the Local Group starburst galaxy IC 10. The most plausible optical counterpart is a luminous Wolf-Rayet star, making IC 10 X-1 a
Classifying X-Ray Sources in External Galaxies from X-Ray Colors
The X-ray populations of Local Group galaxies have been classified in detail by Einstein, ROSAT, and ASCA, revealing a mix of binaries, supernova remnants (SNRs), and H II regions. However, these
A Minisurvey of X-Ray Point Sources in Starburst and Nonstarburst Galaxies
We present a comparison of X-ray point-source luminosity functions of three starburst galaxies (the Antennae, M82, and NGC 253) and four nonstarburst spiral galaxies (NGC 3184, NGC 1291, M83, and IC
The Hot and Energetic Universe: A White Paper presenting the science theme motivating the Athena+ mission
This White Paper, submitted to the recent ESA call for science themes to define its future large missions, advocates the need for a transformational leap in our understanding of two key questions in