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A protective vaccine delivery system for in vivo T cell stimulation using nanoengineered polymer hydrogel capsules.
Successful delivery of labile vaccine antigens, such as peptides and proteins, to stimulate CD4 and CD8 T cell immunity could improve vaccine strategies against chronic infections such as HIV andExpand
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Poly(vinyl alcohol) physical hydrogels: new vista on a long serving biomaterial.
Poly(vinyl alcohol), PVA, and physical hydrogels derived thereof have an excellent safety profile and a successful history of biomedical applications. However, these materials are hardly in the focusExpand
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Polyhistidine-PEG:DNA nanocomposites for gene delivery.
Complexation of plasmid DNA with polycations is a popular method by which to transfer therapeutic nucleic acid sequences to cells. One caveat of the approach is that the positive zeta potential ofExpand
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Next generation, sequentially assembled ultrathin films: beyond electrostatics.
Over the last 15 years, the layer-by-layer (LbL) assembly technology has proven to be a versatile method for surface modification. This approach is likely to find widespread application because ofExpand
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A general approach for DNA encapsulation in degradable polymer microcapsules.
We report a general and facile method for the encapsulation of DNA in nanoengineered, degradable polymer microcapsules. Single-stranded (ss), linear double-stranded (ds), and plasmid DNA wereExpand
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Degradable, Surfactant-Free, Monodisperse Polymer-Encapsulated Emulsions as Anticancer Drug Carriers
Degradable, surfactant- free, micrometer- to sub-micrometer-sized polymer-encapsulated emulsions loaded with lipophilic drugs (doxorubicin and 5-fluorouracil) are prepared. In vitro drug-releaseExpand
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Progress and Promise of Nitric Oxide‐Releasing Platforms
Abstract Nitric oxide (NO) is a highly potent radical with a wide spectrum of physiological activities. Depending on the concentration, it can enhance endothelial cell proliferation in a growthExpand
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The molecular tweezer CLR01 inhibits Ebola and Zika virus infection
ABSTRACT Ebola (EBOV) and Zika viruses (ZIKV) are responsible for recent global health threats. As no preventive vaccines or antiviral drugs against these two re‐emerging pathogens are available, weExpand
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Stabilization of polymer-hydrogel capsules via thiol-disulfide exchange.
Polymer hydrogels are used in diverse biomedical applications including drug delivery and tissue engineering. Among different chemical linkages, the natural and reversible thiol-disulfideExpand
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Structure-function relationships of gene delivery vectors in a limited polycation library.
A library of 13 polylysine-graft-imidazoleacetic acid conjugates was synthesized to examine the collective effects of polymer molecular weight, side chain substitution, and DNA:polymer ratio onExpand
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