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Pratylenchus from Sudan, with the description of two new species (Nemata: Tylenchida).
Two new species of Pratylenchus, from soil samples collected by the first author from the rhizosphere of fruit trees, field crops and weeds in Sudan, were described and illustrated and have a similar head shape and en face.
Free-Living Nematodes From Sudan
Seven species were found in ten freshwater samples from Western Sudan and two soil samples from Central Sudan, and it was revealed that Cruznema tripartitum is characterized by large rounded lips with their interior tips curved to the inside and cuticular blocks with two pits.
The Genera Filenchus Andrassy, 1954, Sakia Khan, 1964, Boleodorus Thorne, 1941 and Basiria Siddiqi, 1959 (Nemata: Tylenchida) from Sudan.
Scanning electron microscopy en face views of Filenchus species showed symmetrical or asymetrical, rectangular labial plate with more or less rounded corners, each with a pair of minute cephalic papillae and amphidial apertures as regular or irregular longitudinal grooves.
Monhysteridae From Western Sudan With Descriptions of Two New Species (Nematoda: Monhysterida)
This study deals with five species (two of them new) of the family Monhysteridae belonging to three genera and identified as: Monhystera uncigubernaculum sp. n., M. magnacephala, Eumonhystera
Five species of Longidoridae belonging to the genera Longidorus and Xiphinema were found, described and illustrated and L. africanus possesses a small amphidial aperture, appearing as a minute slit both under light microscope and SEM.
Aphelenchoides, Aphelenchus and Paraphelenchus From Sudan With the Description of Two New Species
Aphelenchoides eltayebi n. sp. is characterized by a very anterior excretory pore position; three distinct lines in the lateral field which may fade away in the tail; an anterior vulva position (V %