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Optical and Infrared Photometry of the Type Ia Supernovae 1991T, 1991bg, 1999ek, 2001bt, 2001cn, 2001cz, and 2002bo
We present optical and/or infrared photometry of the Type Ia supernovae SN 1991T, SN 1991bg, SN 1999ek, SN 2001bt, SN 2001cn, SN 2001cz, and SN 2002bo. All but one of these supernovae have declineExpand
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Beryllium detection in the very fast nova ASASSN-16kt (V407 Lupi)
LI, CT, ZC and AdUP acknowledge support from the Spanish research project AYA 2014-58381-P. CT and AdUP furthermore acknowledge support from Ramn y Cajal fellowships Ramon y Cajal (RyC)-2012-09984Expand
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The Lower Carboniferous of the western edge of Gondwana in Peru and Bolivia: Distribution of sedimentary basins and associated magmatism
INTRODUCTION During the Early Carboniferous, the tectono-sedimentary and rnagrnatic configuration of the western edge of Gondwana (Eastern Cordillera of Peru and Cordillera Real of Bolivia, betweenExpand
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