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Long-range communications in unlicensed bands: the rising stars in the IoT and smart city scenarios
Connectivity is probably the most basic building block of the IoT paradigm. Up to now, the two main approaches to provide data access to things have been based on either multihop mesh networks usingExpand
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TCP Westwood: congestion window control using bandwidth estimation
We study the performance of TCP Westwood (TCPW), a new TCP protocol with a sender-side modification of the window congestion control scheme. TCP Westwood controls the window using end-to-end rateExpand
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Long-Range IoT Technologies: The Dawn of LoRa™
The last years have seen the widespread diffusion of novel Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technologies, which are gaining momentum and commercial interest as enabling technologies for theExpand
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On the use of wireless networks at low level of factory automation systems
Wireless communication systems are rapidly becoming a viable solution for employment at the lowest level of factory automation systems, usually referred to as either "device" or "field" level, whereExpand
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An Effective Broadcast Scheme for Alert Message Propagation in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks
In this paper, we focus on a vehicular ad hoc network (VANET) that makes use of 802.11-like wireless interfaces for Inter Vehicular Communication (IVC). We propose a distributed position-basedExpand
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Theoretical Analysis of the Capture Probability in Wireless Systems with Multiple Packet Reception Capabilities
In this paper, we address the problem of computing the probability that r out of n interfering wireless signals are "captured," i.e., received with sufficiently large Signal to Interference plusExpand
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The challenges of M2M massive access in wireless cellular networks
Abstract The next generation of communication systems, which is commonly referred to as 5G, is expected to support, besides the traditional voice and data services, new communication paradigms, suchExpand
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D-DASH: A Deep Q-Learning Framework for DASH Video Streaming
The ever-increasing demand for seamless high-definition video streaming, along with the widespread adoption of the dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP (DASH) standard, has been a major driver of theExpand
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Mathematical Analysis of IEEE 802.11 Energy Efficiency
Mobility and portability are the major advantages that IEEE 802.11 wireless networks offer over their traditional counter- parts, i.e. wired Ethernet networks. However, when nodes are mobile orExpand
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Best Practice in RSS Measurements and Ranging
  • A. Zanella
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  • 2016
The term “ranging” is often used to indicate the operations that make it possible to estimate the distance between two nodes by processing some signals generated and/or received by the nodes. InExpand
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