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The record of the Late Palaeozoic active margin of the Palaeotethys in NE Iran: Constraints on the Cimmerian orogeny
Abstract The Cimmerian orogen resulted from the collision and accretion of several Perigondwanan blocks to the southern margin of Eurasia between the Late Triassic and Early Jurassic, following theExpand
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The drift history of Iran from the Ordovician to the Triassic
Abstract New Late Ordovician and Triassic palaeomagnetic data from Iran are presented. These data, in conjunction with data from the literature, provide insights on the drift history of Iran as partExpand
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Simple-shearing block resurgence in caldera depressions. A model from Pantelleria and Ischia
Abstract Similar resurgent blocks occur in caldera depressions at the islands of Pantelleria and Ischia. The two blocks, which are tilted, show similar deformation patterns and similar distributionsExpand
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The Cimmerian geopuzzle: new data from South Pamir
Based on its Permian-Triassic stratigraphic and biotic evolution, we correlate the SE Pamir to the Karakoram terrane, and we consider them equivalent, along with the Central Pamir, to the QiantangExpand
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Mantle exhumation along the Tirich Mir Fault Zone, NW Pakistan: pre-mid-Cretaceous accretion of the Karakoram terrane to the Asian margin
Abstract The left-lateral strike-slip Tirich Mir Fault, Chitral, NW Pakistan, is associated with a belt of periodotites, metagabbros and gneisses named the Tirich Boundary Zone (TBZ), separating theExpand
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Artificial neural networks and cluster analysis in landslide susceptibility zonation
A landslide susceptibility analysis is performed by means of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) and Cluster Analysis (CA). This kind of analysis is aimed at using ANNs to model the complex non linearExpand
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The Cimmerian evolution of the Nakhlak–Anarak area, Central Iran, and its bearing for the reconstruction of the history of the Eurasian margin
Abstract New structural, sedimentological, petrological and palaeomagnetic data collected in the region of Nakhlak–Anarak provide important constraints on the Cimmerian evolution of Central Iran. TheExpand
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The geology of the Karakoram range, Pakistan: the new 1:100,000 geological map of Central-Western Karakoram
A new geological map of the central-western part of the Karakoram belt (Northern Areas and North West Frontier Province, Pakistan) is presented with its explanatory notes. The map is printed at aExpand
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Paleostress analyses in NW Syria: constraints on the Cenozoic evolution of the northwestern margin of the Arabian plate
Abstract Fault analysis between the Dead Sea Transform and the Euphrates region in northern Syria shows two main directions of compression connected to the recent evolution of the northwestern wedgeExpand
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Oblique convergence during the Cimmerian collision: Evidence from the Triassic Aghdarband Basin, NE Iran
Abstract The Lower-Middle Triassic Aghdarband Basin, NE Iran, consists of a strongly deformed arc-related marine succession deposited along the southern margin of Eurasia in a highly mobile tectonicExpand
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