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Structural constraints on deep-seated slope deformation kinematics
Abstract A significant sackung-type deep-seated slope gravitational deformation (DSGSD) was recognised for the first time by the authors in the middle part of Valfurva, east of Bormio (Rhaetian Alps,Expand
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Continental arc volcanism and tectonic setting in Central Anatolia, Turkey
Abstract The Neogene and Quaternary volcanism of Central Anatolia represents the central sector of the Anatolian Volcanic Arc. related to continental collision between the Afro-Arabian and EurasianExpand
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The Eo-Cimmerian (Late? Triassic) orogeny in North Iran
Abstract The Eo-Cimmerian orogen results from the Late Triassic collision of Iran, a microplate of Gondwanan affinity, with the southern margin of Eurasia. The orogen is discontinuously exposed alongExpand
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Opening of the Neo-Tethys Ocean and the Pangea B to Pangea A transformation during the Permian
We studied the stratigraphy, composition, and paleomagnetic properties of lateritic weathering profiles of Permian age from northern Iran and western Karakoram, Pakistan. A limited set of samplesExpand
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Inversion tectonics in central Alborz, Iran
Abstract Structural analyses carried out in the southern-central Alborz (Iran) have shown that the evolution of this belt has been strongly conditioned by the inversion of pre-existent extensionalExpand
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Age and isotopic constraints on magmatism along the Karakoram-Kohistan Suture Zone, NW Pakistan: evidence for subduction and continued convergence after India-Asia collision
Abstract.Detailed geological mapping in the Drosh-Shishi area in southern Chitral (NW Pakistan) was combined with high-precision U-Pb dating on zircons to constrain the timing of magmatism andExpand
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The Variscan orogeny in Chios (Greece): Carboniferous accretion along a Palaeotethyan active margin
New stratigraphic and structural data on the turbiditic succession of Chios (Volissos turbidites) suggest that this clastic wedge formed during the Early Carboniferous. These turbidites, fedExpand
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Onset and timing of deep-seated gravitational slope deformations in the eastern Alps, Italy
Abstract A previously unrecognised complex of deep-seated gravitational slope deformations (DSGSD) extends 20 km along upper Venosta Valley in the eastern Alps, Italy. Mt. Watles exhibits spectacularExpand
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The opening of the Gulf of California near Loreto, Baja California, Mexico: from basin and range extension to transtensional tectonics
Abstract Detailed structural field analyses of faults and fractures have led to the reconstruction of the tectonic evolution of the Loreto region (Baja California, Mexico) during the opening of theExpand
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The Cerro Mencenares volcanic center, Baja California Sur: Source and tectonic control on postsubduction magmatism within the Gulf Rift
At the end of active subduction along the North American plate (12.5 Ma), in the Baja California peninsula arc magmatism was replaced mainly by alkali-rich high-Mg basaltic andesites and andesitesExpand
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