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Analysis of the ways of formation of the entomofaunistic complexes in the Northwest Caucasus based on the material on coleopterous insects (Coleoptera)
It is established, that in different zoochorones of the upland part of the region the majority of coenofaunas show significant similarity of the arealogical pattern, even though being composed frequently by different taxa. Expand
Description of two new species related to Pterostichus (Aphaonus) arcanoides Lorenz, 1998 from the West Transcaucasia (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Pterostichini).
Two new carabid beetle species are described from the Abkhazian midlands (Tsebelda Plateau and Mtsara district) and discriminative features of the new species in the subgenus Aphaonus are briefly discussed. Expand
Development of Objective Sozological Zoning in the Territory of the Republic of Adygea (as Exemplified by Invertebrates)
Based on the analysis of the habitat of 160 invertebrate species included in the Red Book of the Republic of Adygea (2012), we provided preliminary sozological zoning of the territory of the republicExpand
New taxa of the tribe Patrobini (Coleoptera, Carabidae) from the East Himalayas
Three new taxa from Sela Pass (NE India, W Arunachal Pradesh, E Himalayas) are described based on I. bashtai spec. Expand
Further contribution to the systematics of the carabid tribe Patrobini (Coleoptera: Carabidae)
The precise systematic position of two species belonging to the tribe Patrobini, namely Dimor- phopatrobus businskyi Casale & Sciaky and Ledouxius kaganensis (Pakistan, vicinity of Naran) is ascertained and substantiated by the means of the external mor- phology studies, cladistic analysis and similarity measurements. Expand
Further contribution to the knowledge of Georgian species of the Carabus Linnaeus, 1758 subgenus Neoplectes Reitter, 1885, with description of a new subspecies of C. titarenkoi Zamotajlov & Fominykh,
Based on material collected by the authors in 2015 in Georgia, further data are provided on the distribution, ecology, and morphology of the Carabus subgenus Neoplectes Reitter, 1885, and a new subspecies, C. (Neoplecte) titarenkoi djanoliensis subsp. Expand
New provincial records of the cave cricket Dolichopoda euxina Semenov, 1901 (Orthoptera) from Republic of Adygea (Russia) with notes on its conservation status
New Caucasian records of the cave cricket Dolichopoda euxina Semenov, 1901 from the territory of Republic of Adygea are given, it is recorded for Adygea for the first time. Sozological status of theExpand