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Does perthionitrite (SSNO(-)) account for sustained bioactivity of NO? A (bio)chemical characterization.
Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and nitric oxide (NO) are important signaling molecules that regulate several physiological functions. Understanding the chemistry behind their interplay is important forExpand
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First-hand Accounts of Emotional Experiences in Autism: A qualitative analysis
Internet-based first-hand accounts of five people who describe themselves as 'high functioning autistic' were analysed using a thematic analytic approach. Four central themes were identified. TheseExpand
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Water exchange on seven-coordinate Mn(II) complexes with macrocyclic pentadentate ligands: insight in the mechanism of Mn(II) SOD mimetics.
Seven-coordinate manganese(II) complexes [Mn(L)(H2O)2]2+, where L represents an equatorial pentadentate macrocyclic ligand with five nitrogen donor atoms, were studied with regard to their acid-baseExpand
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Kinetics and mechanism of the reversible binding of nitric oxide to reduced cobalamin B(12r) (Cob(II)alamin).
The reduced form of aquacobalamin binds nitric oxide very effectively to yield a nitrosyl adduct, Cbl(II)-NO. UV-vis, (1)H-, (31)P-, and (15)N NMR data suggest that the reaction product underExpand
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Guest exchange dynamics in an M4L6 tetrahedral host.
Guest exchange in an M(4)L(6) supramolecular assembly was previously demonstrated to proceed through a nonrupture mechanism in which guests squeeze through apertures in the host structure and notExpand
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Influence of chelate effects on the water-exchange mechanism of polyaminecarboxylate complexes of iron(III).
The effect of temperature and pressure on the water-exchange reactions of complexes of the type [FeIII(L)(H2O)x]n-, where L = edta4- (ethylenediaminetetraacetate), Hedta3- (monoprotonated form ofExpand
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Self-exchange reaction kinetics of metallocenes revisited: insights from the decamethylferricenium-decamethylferrocene reaction at variable pressure.
Rate constants k(ex) and volumes of activation deltaV(ex) have been obtained using (1)H NMR for the self-exchange reaction of the [(eta(5)-C(5)(CH(3))(5))(2)Fe](+) hexafluorophosphate andExpand
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Oxidation of hydroxyurea with oxovanadium(V) ions in acidic aqueous solution.
Hydroxyurea (HU) effectively reduces vanadium(V) into vanadium(IV) species (hereafter V(V) and V(IV) species, respectively) in acidic aqueous solution via the formation of a transient complexExpand
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Gutmann donor and acceptor numbers for ionic liquids.
We present for the first time Gutmann donor and acceptor numbers for a series of 36 different ionic liquids that include 26 distinct anions. The donor numbers were obtained by (23)Na NMR spectroscopyExpand
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Triggering water exchange mechanisms via chelate architecture. Shielding of transition metal centers by aminopolycarboxylate spectator ligands.
Paramagnetic effects on the relaxation rate and shift difference of the (17)O nucleus of bulk water enable the study of water exchange mechanisms on transition metal complexes by variable temperatureExpand
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