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The Interaction between Heterotrophic Bacteria and Coliform, Fecal Coliform, Fecal Streptococci Bacteria in the Water Supply Networks
Background: This study investigated the interaction between heterotrophic bacteria and coliform, fecal coliforms, fecal streptococci bacteria in water supply networks. Methods: This study wasExpand
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Concentration of cadmium, lead, zinc and copper in the cucumber and tomatoe in Northern Iran
Background and Objective: Nowadays the food contamination is increased and threating human health. This study was done to determine the concentration of cadmium, lead, zinc and copper in tomatoes andExpand
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Accumulation of Heavy Metals in Agricultural Soil Irrigated by Sewage Sludge and Industrial Effluent (Case Study: Agh ghallah Industrial Estate
Background and purpose: Industrial effluent and sewage sludge are used as fertilizer since they contain high levels of nutrient. The main pollutant in industrial effluent is heavy metals. In thisExpand
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Heavy metal (Pb, Cu, Zn, and Cd) concentrations in the water and muscle of common carp (Cyprinus carpio) fish and associated non-carcinogenic risk assessment: Alagol wetland in the Golestan, Iran
Abstract Short- and long-term exposure to heavy metals can be dangerous for human health. One of the main routes of exposure to heavy metals is intake of seafood such as fish. In this study, leadExpand
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Bioaccumulation of heavy metals muscle of common carp fish (Cyprinus carpio L, 1758) from Ala gul and Alma gul wetlands of Golestan and consumption risk assessment
Heavy metals are importantly concerned due their biological accumulation and toxicity in terms of human health. Common carp is one of the most popular seafood in the North of Iran especially inExpand
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Health Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals in Vegetables in an Endemic Esophageal Cancer Region in Iran
Background: Nowadays, the heavy metals pollution is increasing and the accumulation of these metals in food has posed adverse effects on humans such as inducing various kinds of cancer and non-cancerExpand
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A Study on Staphylococcus aureus and Bacillus Cereus Contamination in Pastry Products in Gorgan
Background and purpose: Pastry products are an important part of food products in Iran. They are highly consumed now and there is high risk of bacterial contamination in these products. The presentExpand
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Performance of moving bed biofilm reactors for biological nitrogen compounds removal from wastewater by partial nitrification-denitrification process.
In this research, the continuously operated laboratory scale Kaldnes (k1) moving bed biofilm reactors (MBBRs) under partial nitrification-denitrification process were used for treatment of syntheticExpand
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Application of Taguchi’s experimental design method for optimization of Acid Red 18 removal by electrochemical oxidation process
Background: Electro-oxidation is developed as an electrochemical method to overcome the problems of the conventional decolorization technologies and is an appropriate alternative for the treatmentExpand
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