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The growing relationship between China and Sub-Saharan Africa : macroeconomic, trade, investment, and aid links
China’s economic ascendance over the past two decades has generated ripple effects in the world economy. Its search for natural resources to satisfy the demands of industrialization has led it to
Mental Health Among Medical Professionals During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Eight European Countries: Cross-sectional Survey Study
Even though medical professionals exhibited less mental stress than nonmedical professionals, sufficient help should be offered to all occupational groups with an emphasis on effective coping strategies.
What happens when a country does not adjust to terms of trade shocks? the case of oil-rich Gabon
Gabon is currently one of the richest countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, having a GDP per capita of close to $4,000, and is characterized by a stable political climate and rich forestry and mineral
The Impact of the Strong Euro on the Real Effective Exchange Rates of the Two Francophone African Cfa Zones
The author estimates the degree of misalignment of the CFA franc since the introduction of the euro in 1999. Using a relative purchasing power parity-based methodology, he develops a monthly panel
Regional integration in Central Africa : key issues
The CEMAC, (Communaut conomique et Monire de l'Afrique Centrale ), is one of the oldest regional arrangements in Africa, consisting of Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, the Republic of Congo,
Tales from the development frontier
Tales from the development frontier is an important publication that presents analytical reviews and case studies that show how selected developing countries have developed light manufacturing to
Revenue and the Fiscal Impact of Trade Liberalization: The Case of Niger
Using data collected during several missions, Zafar finds that the principal reasons for low revenue mobilization are (1) the adverse fiscal impact of trade liberalization, (2) the defiscalization of