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Biological reactivity of residual wastes and dependence on the duration of pretreatment
The Austrian Landfill Ordinance (BGBL 169/96, 1996) sets standards for the types of waste which are allowed to be landfilled. There are limits for total organic compound (TOC), ignition loss (IL),Expand
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Vessel diameter and xylem hydraulic conductivity increase with tree height in tropical rainforest trees in Sulawesi, Indonesia
Abstract In humid environments, where trees rarely experience severe soil water limitation, the hydraulic system of trees requires a functional architecture for effectively transporting of water toExpand
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The Carbon Balance of Tropical Mountain Forests Along an Altitudinal Transect
Not much is known about the role of tropical mountain forests in the global carbon cycle. This chapter summarises a decade of research on C pools and C fluxes in Andean mountain forests of the SanExpand
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Diverging temperature response of tree stem CO2 release under dry and wet season conditions in a tropical montane moist forest
It is commonly presumed that plant respiratory CO2 release increases with increasing temperature. However, we report on very contrasting stem CO2 release (RS)–temperature relationships of trees in aExpand
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Improvement of municipal solid waste quality for landfilling by means of mechanical-biological pretreatment
Municipal solid waste (MSW) was accompanied through a mechanical-biological treatment plant. Over a period of 20 weeks samples were taken at different stages of treatment. Samples were analysed forExpand
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The ORF, regulated synthesis, and persistence-specific variation of influenza C viral NS1 protein.
The open reading frame (ORF) and the regulated synthesis of the influenza C viral NS1 protein were analyzed in view of viruses possessing different biological activities. We provide evidence for aExpand
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Elevational change in woody tissue CO2 efflux in a tropical mountain rain forest in southern Ecuador.
Much uncertainty exists about the magnitude of woody tissue respiration and its environmental control in highly diverse tropical moist forests. In a tropical mountain rain forest in southern Ecuador,Expand
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Quantitative evaluation of the influence of dequalinium acetate and sodium hypochlorite on human dentition.
The effect of 5 percent DA, 2.5 percent and 5.5 percent sodium hypochlorite, and saline on the solubility of organic matrix of the dentin was studied on extracted human teeth. The results showed thatExpand
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Inhibition of influenza C viruses by human MxA protein.
Human MxA protein was analyzed for its ability to inhibit the replication of different influenza C viruses. Three laboratory derivatives of viral strain C/Ann Arbor/1/50 were investigated, namely theExpand
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