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Combinatorial aspects of simplification of algebraic expressions
A possible way of developing computer algebra systems is an "education" of the system with the capacity for handling new classes of mathematical objects. Expand
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Computation of covariant derivatives of the geodetic interval with coincident arguments
Explicit expressions for covariant derivatives of the geodetic interval within the coincident arguments of orders seven and eight are presented. Calculations were made with the help of the REDUCE-2Expand
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Fast algorithm for calculation of Dirac's gamma-matrices traces
This paper describes a fast algorithm for calculation of traces of Dirac's gamma-matrices proposed by Kennedy and Cvitanovich. Expand
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PC implementation of fast Dirac matrix trace calculations
We present an implementation of fast algorithm for Dirac matrix trace calculations using Fierz identities in N-dimensional space. Expand
Collective coordinate method in the canonical formalism: Bogolubov's transformation
Abstract Variables having the meaning of symmetry group parameters have been constructed. The transformation properties of new variables allow one to take into account symmetry properties,Expand
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Two Loop Calculations in the Large Quark Mass Expansion in the Framework of the {QCD} Sum Rules Method
Abstract The coefficient function (CF) of the operator G 2 = G μv a G aμv in the large quark mass expansion of the correlator of two vector currents is calculated in the two-loop approximation. TheExpand
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Complete charge screening in scalar electrodynamics
Explicit screening solutions of the equations of motion are derived in scalar electrodynamics with an external current. It is proved that these solutions are stable if the external charge is not tooExpand