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Random Vibration of Beams
Abstract : The mean square deflections, slopes, bending moments and shear forces were compared for 4 different dynamical models with 3 different damping mechanisms, subjected to a distributed
Associated production of Higgs bosons and Z particles
We estimate the cross section for Higgs-boson production via bremsstrahlung from intermediate vector bosons produced in $\mathrm{pp}$ and $\overline{p}p$ collisions.
Vacuum behavior in quantum chromodynamics. II
Vacuum polarization contributions due to fermions or scalars produced by gluon background-field fluctuations indicate vacuum instability in quantum chromodynamics; the instability is quantitatively
Scattering of plane plasma waves from a plasma sphere
SummaryThe scattering of plane longitudinal and transverse plasma waves from a plasma sphere is investigated. The general expressions of scattering cross-sections are given and for the limiting cases
Motion of an Electron in a Homogeneous Magnetic Field-Modified Propagation Function and Synchrotron Radiation
The method presented by Schwinger to obtain an exact solution (to order $\ensuremath{\alpha}$) of the inverse modified electron propagation function in a homogeneous magnetic field is reviewed.