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Chemical characterization of element 112
The heaviest elements to have been chemically characterized are seaborgium (element 106), bohrium (element 107) and hassium (element 108). All three behave according to their respective positions inExpand
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Confirmation of the Decay of 283112 and First Indication for Hg-like Behavior of Element 112
Two gas phase adsorption chemistry experiments aimed at the chemical characterization of element 112 using its isotope 283 112 have been performed at the Flerov Laboratory for Nuclear ReactionsExpand
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The reaction 48Ca + 238U → 286112* studied at the GSI-SHIP
Abstract.The fusion reaction of 48Ca projectiles with 238U target nuclei was studied at the velocity filter SHIP of GSI in Darmstadt. Two decay chains were measured, which fully confirm data thatExpand
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The new isotope 270110 and its decay products 266Hs and 262Sg
Abstract:The even-even nucleus 270110 was synthesized using the reaction 64Ni + 207Pb. A total of eight α-decay chains was measured during an irradiation time of seven days. Decay data were obtainedExpand
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Thermochemical and physical properties of element 112.
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The new element 111
The new element 111 was produced and unambiguously identified in an experiment at SHIP, GSI Darmstadt. Three nuclei of the isotope272111 were observed in irradiations of209Bi targets with64NiExpand
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Review of even element super-heavy nuclei and search for element 120
Abstract.The reaction 54Cr$ + $248Cm was investigated at the velocity filter SHIP at GSI, Darmstadt, with the intention to study production and decay properties of isotopes of element 120. ThreeExpand
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Chemical identification of dubnium as a decay product of element 115 produced in the reaction 48Ca + 243Am
The recent discovery of the elements 115 and 113 in the reaction 48Ca + 243Am was confirmed by an independent radiochemical experiment based on the identification of the long-lived decay productExpand
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Production and decay properties of 272111 and its daughter nuclei
The production and decay of 272 111 has been investigated using a gas-filled recoil ion separator in irradiations of 209 Bi targets with 64 Ni beam at 320, 323 and 326 MeV. We have observed 14Expand
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Second experiment at VASSILISSA separator on the synthesis of the element 112
Abstract.The upgraded separator VASSILISSA was used to confirm results of previous experiments on the synthesis of the heavy isotopes of the element 112 obtained in complete-fusion reactions of 48CaExpand
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