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Elusive forces in illusive eyes: British officialdom's perception of the Anatolian resistance movement
ABSTRACT In the aftermath of the First World War, British officials had difficulty understanding the elusive forces behind the Anatolian resistance movement. They anxiously assumed that KemalistsExpand
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The Young Turk aftermath : making sense of transnational contentious politics at the end of the Ottoman Empire, 1918-1922
Immediately following the armistice that ended the World War I in the Middle East, a small group of “Young Turk” leaders, who had led the war-time ruling party of the Committee of Union and ProgressExpand
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Pan-Islamism (Ottoman Empire)
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Wissenschaftlichkeit und Bequemlichkeit
Legitimate Means of Dying : Contentious Politics of Martyrdom in the Turkish Civil War (1968–1982)
Until today, commitment to the ‘martyrs’ of the Turkish civil war of the 1970s continues to be a crucial part of Turkey’s political culture. This paper will offer a historical-comparative sociologyExpand
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Legacies of Jihad 100 Years after World War I
On November 11, 1914, the Ottoman government issued a series of fatwas signed by 29 Islamic scholars and sanctified by the Ottoman Sultan-Caliph calling for a global jihad against the OttomanExpand