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A review of eHealth interventions for physical activity and dietary behavior change.
OBJECTIVE To review eHealth intervention studies for adults and children that targeted behavior change for physical activity, healthy eating, or both behaviors. DATA SOURCES Systematic literatureExpand
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Measures of the food environment: a compilation of the literature, 1990-2007.
BACKGROUND Valid and reliable measures are required to assess any effect of the food environment on individual dietary behavior, and form the foundation of research that may inform obesity-relatedExpand
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Measures of sun exposure and sun protection practices for behavioral and epidemiologic research.
OBJECTIVE To develop, in a collaborative project, core measures of sun exposure and sun protection habits, since the lack of standard outcome measures hampers comparison of population surveys andExpand
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Psychosocial predictors of fruit and vegetable consumption in adults a review of the literature.
BACKGROUND Adequate fruit and vegetable intake has been found to promote health and reduce the risk of several cancers and chronic diseases. Understanding the psychological determinants of fruit andExpand
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Impact of nutrition environmental interventions on point-of-purchase behavior in adults: a review.
BACKGROUND Nutrition interventions targeted to individuals are unlikely to significantly shift US dietary patterns as a whole. Environmental and policy interventions are more promising for shiftingExpand
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Strategies for increasing fruit and vegetable intake in grocery stores and communities: policy, pricing, and environmental change.
BACKGROUND Grocery stores and community settings are important and promising venues for environmental, policy, and pricing initiatives to increase fruit and vegetable intake. This article examinesExpand
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Go Girls!: Results from a Nutrition and Physical Activity Program for Low-Income, Overweight African American Adolescent Females
This article describes the development, implementation, and results of an intervention designed for inner-city, overweight African American adolescent women. Fifty-seven participants were recruitedExpand
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Psychosocial correlates of eating behavior in children and adolescents: a review
BackgroundUnderstanding the correlates of dietary intake is necessary in order to effectively promote healthy dietary behavior among children and adolescents. A literature review was conducted on theExpand
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Psychosocial mediation of fruit and vegetable consumption in the body and soul effectiveness trial.
In this study the authors examined psychosocial variables as mediators for fruit and vegetable (FV) intake in a clustered, randomized effectiveness trial conducted in African American churches. TheExpand
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The Validity and Reliability of the Comprehensive Home Environment Survey (CHES)
Few comprehensive measures exist to assess contributors to childhood obesity within the home, specifically among low-income populations. The current study describes the modification and psychometricExpand
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