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Comparison of the physical and mechanical properties of MTA and portland cement.
This study evaluated and compared the pH, radiopacity, setting time, solubility, dimensional change, and compressive strength of ProRoot MTA (PMTA), ProRoot MTA (tooth colored formula) (WMTA), whiteExpand
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Properties of a new root-end filling material.
The purposes of this investigation were 2-fold: to study the physical properties and sealing ability of Viscosity Enhanced Root Repair Material (VERRM); and, to compare them with Mineral TrioxideExpand
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Prevalence of temporomandibular disorder subtypes, psychologic distress, and psychosocial dysfunction in Asian patients.
AIMS To use the Research Diagnostic Criteria for Temporomandibular Disorders (RDC/TMD) to investigate the physical diagnoses, psychologic distress, and psychosocial dysfunction in Asian TMD patients.Expand
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Effect of food-simulating liquids on surface characteristics of composite and polyacid-modified composite restoratives.
The chemical environment is one aspect of the oral environment that could have an appreciable influence on the in vivo degradation of composite resins. The effects of food-simulating liquids on theExpand
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Influence of curing modes on crosslink density in polymer structures.
OBJECTIVE This study investigates the influence of curing modes on the crosslinking density of dental composites. METHODS A light-cure unit (BISCO VIP) that allowed for independent command overExpand
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Flexural strength of dental composite restoratives: comparison of biaxial and three-point bending test.
This study compared two test methods used to evaluate the flexural strength of resin-based dental composites. The two test methods evaluated were the three-point bending test4 and the biaxialExpand
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X-ray diffraction analysis of mineral trioxide aggregate and Portland cement.
AIM To compare the major constituents present in ProRoot mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA), ProRoot MTA (tooth coloured formula), ordinary Portland cement and white Portland cement using powder X-rayExpand
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Depression and somatization in patients with temporomandibular disorders.
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Psychological and behavioral traits may be important for the diagnosis and management of orofacial pain. PURPOSE This study compared the levels of depression and somatizationExpand
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Effect of hydrogen peroxide on intertubular dentine.
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the effect of 30% hydrogen peroxide on the surface changes and nanomechanical properties of intertubular dentine. METHODS Five freshly extracted human premolars wereExpand
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Influence of light energy density on effectiveness of composite cure.
This study investigated the influence of light energy density (intensity x time) on the effectiveness of composite cure in view of the curing profiles of new light-polymerization units. ThisExpand
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