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Demonstration of nanofocusing by the use of plasmonic lens illuminated with radially polarized light.
The results demonstrate the advantage of using radially polarized light for nanofocusing applications involving surface plasmon polaritons, and verify that the focal spot maintains its width along the optical axis of the plAsmonic lens.
Plasmonic focusing with a coaxial structure illuminated by radially polarized light.
A plasmonic lens that is illuminated by a radially polarized light that is made of a coax-like geometry consisting of an annular dielectric slit surrounded by metal is proposed and analyzed.
Near- and far-field properties of plasmonic oligomers under radially and azimuthally polarized light excitation.
This study presents a comprehensive experimental and theoretical study on the near- and far-field properties of plasmonic oligomers using radially and azimuthally polarized excitation, which opens up possibilities for tailored light-matter interaction.
Enhanced efficiency of thin film solar cells using a shifted dual grating plasmonic structure.
We propose an ultrathin solar cell architecture design which incorporates two periodic layers of metallic and dielectric gratings. Both layers couple the incident light to photonic and plasmonic
Plasmonic resonance effects for tandem receiving-transmitting nanoantennas.
A nanoplasmonic "transceiver" was assembled to examine the efficiency of coupled plAsmonic antennas and their resonance interactions and improved by nearly 3 orders of magnitude by the focusing antenna system.
Efficient coupling and field enhancement for the nano-scale: plasmonic needle.
Theoretical demonstration of efficient coupling and power concentration of radially-polarized light on a conical tip of plasmonic needle is presented and shows that the field on the tip of the needle is significantly enhanced compared to the field impinging on the grating.
Tunability of reflection and transmission spectra of two periodically corrugated metallic plates, obtained by control of the interactions between plasmonic and photonic modes
We theoretically study the interactions between plasmonic and photonic modes within a structure that is composed of two thin corrugated metallic plates, embedded in air. We show that the interactions
Light transmission through circular metallic grating under broadband radial and azimuthal polarizations illumination
We study light transmission through circular metallic grating under radial/azimuthal polarization illumination and observe strong polarization selectivity and a resonance behavior making it
Subwavelength plasmonics for graded-index optics on a chip.
The demonstrated approach can be used for manipulating the propagation of surface plasmons, e.g., for beam steering, splitting, cloaking, mode matching, and beam shaping applications.
Demonstration of an elliptical plasmonic lens illuminated with radially-like polarized field
An elliptical plasmonic lens illuminated by a "radially-like" polarized field generates a structured pattern that can be used in structured illumination microscopy, particles trapping and sensing.