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[Ifosfamide chemotherapy ineffective for advanced pancreatic carcinoma].
Ifosfamide chemotherapy was studied in 20 patients with advanced pancreatic carcinoma. It was administered at a dose of 1.2-1.5 g/body/day for 5 consecutive days every 3-4 weeks, and the patientsExpand
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Development of a simple homogeneous assay to screen for inhibitors of N-acetylglucosamine-6-sulfotransferases.
L-selectin, a leukocyte adhesion molecule, plays a central role in lymphocyte homing to secondary lymphoid tissue and to certain sites of inflammation. Carbohydrate sulfation was implicated in thisExpand
[Analysis of clinical effects of a concurrent CDDP/5-FU therapy on inoperable colon cancer].
The mechanisms of synergic effects on cancer cells, the rational dose schedules resulting from these action mechanisms, and actual clinical results for inoperable colon cancer patients by aExpand