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XRD and HRTEM Evidence for Fixation of Cesium Ions in Vermiculite Clay
X-ray diffraction and high-resolution transmission electron microscopy showed that cesium ions (Cs+’s) in a vermiculite clay formed a segregated monoionic layer in the interlayer spaces. Each ion w...
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Comparative study of flux redistribution of metabolic pathway in glutamate production by two coryneform bacteria.
In amino acid production by coryneform bacteria, study on relationship between change in enzyme activities and production of a target amino acid is important. In glutamate production, Kawahara et al.Expand
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First-principles studies on the elastic constants of a 1:1 layered kaolinite mineral
Abstract The mechanical behavior of minerals under high pressure has attracted considerable interest in recent years. Clay minerals, including kaolinite, are common minerals found in sedimentaryExpand
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The Possible Interplanetary Transfer of Microbes: Assessing the Viability of Deinococcus spp. Under the ISS Environmental Conditions for Performing Exposure Experiments of Microbes in the Tanpopo
To investigate the possible interplanetary transfer of life, numerous exposure experiments have been carried out on various microbes in space since the 1960s. In the Tanpopo mission, we have proposedExpand
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Circadian Gating of Photoinduction of Commitment to Cell‐cycle Transitions in Relation to Photoperiodic Control of Cell Reproduction in Euglena ¶
A novel type of circadian and photoperiodic control of the cell division cycle was found in photoautotrophic Euglena gracilis. When algae entrained to 24 h light–dark (LD) cycles (14 h L) wereExpand
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UV-resistant bacteria isolated from upper troposphere and lower stratosphere
Five bacterial strains have been isolated from dust samples collected from the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere during several aircraft flights. Most of them displayed much higher resistanceExpand
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Tanpopo Cosmic Dust Collector: Silica Aerogel Production and Bacterial DNA Contamination Analysis
Hydrophobic silica aerogels with ultra-low densities have been designed and developed as cosmic dust capture media for the Tanpopo mission which is proposed to be carried out on the InternationalExpand
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Continuous Cell-free Protein Synthesis Directed by Messenger DNA and Catalyzed by Extract of Thermus thermophilus HB27
Polypeptide synthesis directed by DNA as the messenger in a cell-free system of Thermus thermophilus was investigated. Polypeptides were synthesized with the addition of neomycin in the presence ofExpand
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Chirality recognition of a clay surface modified by an optically active metal chelate
Using Δ-tris(1,10-phenanthroline)nickel (II) montmorillonite as a column material, the chromatographic behaviour of ten CoIIIchelates of the type [Co(acac)2(L)](acac = acetylacetonate; HLExpand
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Further characterization of the two photosystem II reaction center complex preparations from the thermophilic cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp.
Abstract Photochemical and chemical properties of two Photosystem II reaction center complexes isolated from the thermophilic cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp. were examined. (1) The intact reactionExpand
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