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Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future
Memorandum for the Secretary of Energy Expanding our Nation’s capacity to generate clean nuclear energy is crucial to our ability to combat climate change, enhance energy security, and increaseExpand
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Role of Nuclear Power in World Energy Production in the 21st Century
World growth of energy consumption in the 21st century is unavoidable. The most intense growth will occur in the developing countries. Of course, fossil fuels will continue to serve as the mainExpand
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Emission of Radionuclides from the Destroyed Unit of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant
Investigations of radionuclide emission resulting from the Chernobyl accident are briefly reviewed. Three ways to estimate emission are examined: direct investigations of radionuclides emitted fromExpand
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On a nuclear power strategy of Russia to 2050
Relying on fundamental and applied research performed at the National Research Center Kurchatov Institute, historical experience, and modern mathematical apparatus for systems modeling, experts offerExpand
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The Future of Nuclear Power: Energy, Ecology, and Safety
The results are presented of a bilateral meeting of Russian and US experts on “The future of nuclear power: energy, ecology, and safety” held on July 22–24, 2002 in Moscow. The subject of discussionExpand
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Critical benchmark experiments at the “Kurchatov Institute” Russian Scientific Center
ConclusionThis brief review shows that the set of Russian data on the criticality of breeder systems, which has been well described and accepted by world society, is only a small part of theExpand
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The near and long-term prospects for nuclear power engineering (notes from three nuclear conferences
Compte rendu de trois conferences qui se sont deroulees en 1998, en France et en Grande Bretagne et qui etaient consacrees aux perspectives de l'electronucleaire, d'un point de vue politique,Expand
Nuclear power engineering: A change of trends on the eve of the new century
The present state and the trends in the development of nuclear power engineering until the year 2020 are considered. It is shown that further progress in the power industry of the world cannot beExpand
On a Strategy for the Development of Nuclear Power in Russia
The objectives of the development of reactor technologies for transitioning to two-component nuclear power with thermal and fast reactors as well as the issues arising in the analysis of developmentExpand
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Strategic View on Nuclear Power in Russia at the Present Stage
A view on Russia’s nuclear power strategy at the present stage – including the formation of a two-component system including fast reactors and the possibility of fuel cycle closure on the basis ofExpand
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