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The preparation, characterization, and their photocatalytic activities of rare-earth-doped TiO2 nanoparticles
RE/TiO2 photocatalysts were prepared by the sol–gel method using rare earth (RE=La3+, Ce3+, Er3+, Pr3+, Gd3+, Nd3+, Sm3+) metal salts and tetra-n-butyl titanate as precursors, and were characterizedExpand
One-step hydrothermal synthesis of N-doped TiO2/C nanocomposites with high visible light photocatalytic activity.
N-doped TiO(2) nanoparticles modified with carbon (denoted N-TiO(2)/C) were successfully prepared by a facile one-pot hydrothermal treatment in the presence of L-lysine, which acts as a ligand toExpand
Noble-metal-free Fe-N/C catalyst for highly efficient oxygen reduction reaction under both alkaline and acidic conditions.
  • L. Lin, Q. Zhu, A. Xu
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of the American Chemical Society
  • 24 July 2014
In this work, we report the synthesis and assessment of a new non-precious-metal oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) catalyst from pyrolysis of an iron-coordinated complex which manifests superiorExpand
Highly Durable N-Doped Graphene/CdS Nanocomposites with Enhanced Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution from Water under Visible Light Irradiation
A series of N-doped graphene (N-graphene)/CdS nanocomposites were synthesized by calcination and characterized by X-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy, high-resolution transmissionExpand
One-pot synthesis of water-swellable Mg-Al layered double hydroxides and graphene oxide nanocomposites for efficient removal of As(V) from aqueous solutions.
In this Article, we report a remarkably simple and efficient method for the preparation of layered double hydroxides and graphene oxide (LDHs/GO) nanocomposites with varying GO amounts via aExpand
Systematic synthesis and characterization of single-crystal lanthanide orthophosphate nanowires.
A simple hydrothermal method has been developed for the systematic synthesis of lanthanide orthophosphate crystals with different crystalline phases and morphologies. It has been shown that pureExpand
Coexistence of adsorption and coagulation processes of both arsenate and NOM from contaminated groundwater by nanocrystallined Mg/Al layered double hydroxides.
In this study, nanocrystallined Mg/Al layered double hydroxides (LDH-CO3) and chloridion intercalated nanocrystallined Mg/Al LDHs (LDH-Cl) were synthesized and used for simultaneous removal ofExpand
Efficient capture of strontium from aqueous solutions using graphene oxide-hydroxyapatite nanocomposites.
Three-dimensional hierarchical flower-like graphene oxide-hydroxyapatite (GO-HAp) nanocomposites were synthesized by a simple biomimetic method in a modified simulated body fluid (mSBF). The obtainedExpand
Graphene oxide nanoribbons greatly enhance extracellular electron transfer in bio-electrochemical systems.
Bridging microbes and electrode to facilitate the extracellular electron transfer (EET) is crucial for bio-electrochemical systems (BESs). Here, a significant enhancement of the EET process wasExpand
Facile Synthesis of the Novel Ag3VO4/AgBr/Ag Plasmonic Photocatalyst with Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity and Stability
A novel ternary plasmonic Ag3VO4/AgBr/Ag hybrid photocatalyst was successfully fabricated via an in situ anion-exchange reaction between Ag3VO4 and KBr, followed by light reduction. The obtainedExpand