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Parâmetros morfológicos na avaliação da qualidade de mudas de eucalyptus grandis
An experiment was carried out to study the morphological parameters used to evaluate the quality of Eucalyptus grandis seedlings produced in different tube sizes. A mixture of 80% organic compoundExpand
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Enraizamento de miniestaca caulinar e foliar na propagação vegetativa de cedro-rosa (Cedrela fissilis Vell.)
This work aimed to evaluate the rooting of five different types of minicuttings (stem, apical stem, intermediate stem, apical stem with removed leaves and leaf), in the vegetative propagation ofExpand
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Maturation and related aspects in clonal forestry—part II: reinvigoration, rejuvenation and juvenility maintenance
Several techniques have been developed for reinvigorating, rejuvenating or maintaining the juvenility of plants. None of these techniques is as effective as natural rejuvenation whereby the mostExpand
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Maturation and related aspects in clonal forestry—Part I: concepts, regulation and consequences of phase change
Progression from the juvenile to mature phase in woody plants is accompanied by changes in characteristics as diverse as adventitious rooting capacity, leaf morphology, canopy architecture, woodExpand
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Propagação vegetativa de cedro-rosa por miniestaquia
This work had the objective to evaluate the minicutting technique as a method for vegetative propagation of cedro-rosa (Cedrela fissilis), in terms of the production and survival of the ministumpsExpand
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Clonal propagation of Eucalyptus grandis using the mini-cutting and micro-cutting techniques
Mini-cutting and micro-cutting techniques were used to assess the clonal propagation efficiencies of four Eucalyptus grandis W. Hill ex Maiden clones. The micro-clonal hedge consisted of micro-stumpsExpand
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Enraizamento de miniestacas de clones híbridos de Eucalyptus globulus
The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of the growth regulator indol butiric acid (IBA) on the rooting of apical and intermediate mini-cuttings of Eucalyptus urophylla x E. globulusExpand
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Efeito do AIB no enraizamento de miniestacas e microestacas de clones de Eucalyptus grandis W. Hill ex Maiden
Four Eucalyptus grandis clones were used to evaluate the effect of IBA application (0, 1000, 2000 and 4000 mg/l) on the survival, rooting and vigor of microcuttings and minicuttings. RegardingExpand
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Eficiência das minicepas e microcepas na produção de propágulos de clones de Eucalyptus grandis
The objective of this work was to evaluate the efficiency of clonal gardens in the microcutting and minicutting techniques of four Eucalyptus grandis clones regarding the survival, vigor andExpand
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Eficiência das auxinas (AIB e ANA) no enraizamento de miniestacas de clones de Eucalyptus cloeziana F. Muell
n The present work aimed to evaluate the efficiency of the auxins IBA (indolbutyric acid) and NAA (naphtaleneacetic acid) on the adventitious rooting of Eucalyptus cloeziana clones. MinicuttingsExpand
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