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Evaluating the evolution of the Red River system based on in situ U‐Pb dating and Hf isotope analysis of zircons
The Red River originates from SW China and SE Tibet and has a total length >1000 km. In this study, we present new U‐Pb dating and Hf isotopic analysis of zircon grains, from both modern and
Middle Miocene coralgal facies at Maksymivka near Ternopil (Ukraine) : a preliminary account
A peculiar coralgal facies is recognized in the Lviv-Ternopil region, Ukraine, from the northern shores of the Middle Miocene (Badenian) Fore-Carpathian Basin. Its complex structure is dominated by
Internet advertising effectiveness
Online advertising has experienced phenomenal growth since its inception in 1994. This empirical study investigates the impact of seven creative characteristics of banner ads on the effectiveness of
Revisiting the phylogeography of Asellus aquaticus in Europe: insights into cryptic diversity and spatiotemporal diversification
Deep genetic subdivisions observed in European populations of the widespread freshwater isopod morphospecies, Asellus aquaticus, suggest the presence of putative cryptic species, which can be interpreted predominantly as a result of incomplete sorting of nuclear lineages, potentially indicating an ongoing speciation process.
Sedimentary environments of the Neogene basins associated with the Cao Bang – Tien Yen Fault, NE Vietnam
The Na Duong, That Khe and Cao Bang sedimentary basins associated with the Cao Bang – TienYen Fault (northern Vietnam) developed in the zone subparallel (distance ca. 150 km NW) to the major
A new view on dam lines in Polish Arabian horses based on mtDNA analysis
The study revealed that representatives of different lines shared the same haplotypes, and noted a genetic identity between some lines founded by Polish mares of unknown origin and lines established by desert-bred mares.
The Medobory Hills (Ukraine): Middle Miocene reef systems in the Paratethys, their biological diversity and lithofacies
The unique Middle Miocene reef belt formed within the Paratethyan realm constitutes at present the Medobory Hills in western Ukraine and northernmost Moldova. Not only is the size of this structure
Origin of the Lake Ohrid gammarid species flock: ancient local phylogenetic lineage diversification
It appears that the Lake Ohrid gammarids derive from an old local lineage of the Gammarus balcanicus complex, closely affiliated with the biota endemic to the neighbouring area of the former Miocene lake system and to lineages from the upper Vardar and Crni Drim river systems.
The Middle Miocene of the Fore-Carpathian Basin (Poland, Ukraine and Moldova
Studies of Miocene sediments in the Fore-Carpathian Basin, conducted by geologists from the University of Warsaw have provided new insights on the distribution of the facies infilling the basin,
Clastic Badenian deposits and sedimentary environments of the Roztocze Hills across the Polish-Ukrainian border
The sedimentary conditions of the clastic Badenian deposits of the Roztocze Hills are reconstructed, in the territories of Poland and Ukraine. Detailed sedimentological analyses are performed for