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Wooden boards affecting the survival of bacteria?
Escherichia coli pIE639 and Enterococcus faecium as hygienically relevant test bacteria. The development of the bacterial titer was evaluated by culturing on agar contact plates and investigatingExpand
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Survival of bacteria on wood and plastic particles: Dependence on wood species and environmental conditions
Abstract The survival of two hygienically relevant bacteria, Escherichia coli pIE639 and Enterococcus faecium, was followed on wooden sawdust of seven different European woods (pine, spruce, larch,Expand
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The use of wood in practice – a hygienic risk?
The survival of bacteria on wood was investigated in laboratory experiments using naturally occurring and hygienically relevant bacteria and in a trial performed in a meat factory. Different types ofExpand
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Fractionation of volatile elements in the early solar system: evidence from heating experiments on primitive meteorites
Abstract Compared to the average composition of the solar nebula (as determined by solar photospheric abundances), most meteorites and planets are depleted in volatile elements. The only exceptionsExpand
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The LegionVision of a Worldwide Virtual
Long a vision of science fiction writers and distributed systems researchers, the notion of a worldwide computer, now taking shape through the Legion project, distributes computation like theExpand
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Erster Nachweis von Chalara fraxinea T. KOWALSKI sp. nov. in Deutschland – ein Verursacher neuartiger Schäden an Eschen
Seit mehreren Jahren werden in Deutschland und einigen angrenzenden europaischen Landern zunehmend Schaden an Eschen ( Fraxinus spp.) im Wald- und Flurgeholz sowie in Baumschulen festgestellt. DabeiExpand
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Fungi associated with above‐ground portions of declining oaks (Quercus robur) in Germany
Various disease symptoms on oak (Quercus robur L.) affected by oak decline in northern Germany were examined for fungal colonization. The isolated fungi are evaluated in respect to their possibleExpand
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Die Esskastanie ( Castanea sativa Mill.) in Deutschland und ihre Gefährdung durch den Kastanienrindenkrebs ( Cryphonectria parasitica [Murr.] Barr)
Die Esskastanie ist eine seit mindestens 2000 Jahren eingeburgerte Baumart mit regional betrachtlichen Flachenanteilen. Sie stellt in einigen Gebieten Sudwestdeutschlands ein reizvollesExpand
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