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Cost-effective large-scale synthesis of ZnO photocatalyst with excellent performance for dye photodegradation.
Zinc oxide with excellent photocatalytic performance for the photodegradation of dyes (superior to Degussa P25 TiO(2)) could be easily prepared in large quantity by direct calcination of zinc acetateExpand
A facile one-pot route for the controllable growth of small sized and well-dispersed ZnO particles on GO-derived graphene
In this study, we reported the growth of well dispersed ZnO nanoparticles with small size of about 10 nm on GO-derived graphene via a facile solvothermal method, in which the Zn–EG–Ac complex,Expand
Phosphorus-modified tungsten nitride/reduced graphene oxide as a high-performance, non-noble-metal electrocatalyst for the hydrogen evolution reaction.
This work shows that the modification with a second anion is powerful way to design new catalysts for HER, while remaining good stability in accelerated durability testing. Expand
Multilayer Nanoreactors for Metallic and Semiconducting Particles
Multilayer thin films of sequentially adsorbed polyelectrolytes were utilized as nanoreactors for both metallic (Ag) and semiconductor nanoparticles (PbS). Polyelectrolyte multilayers with aExpand
Sequential two-step hydrothermal growth of MoS2/CdS core-shell heterojunctions for efficient visible light-driven photocatalytic H2 evolution
Abstract The visible-light driven, Pt-free photocatalytic H2 evolution (PHE) is promising for clean and sustainable H2 production. The construction of the heterojunction structure with intimateExpand
Small-sized and high-dispersed WN from [SiO4(W3O9)4]4− clusters loading on GO-derived graphene as promising carriers for methanol electro-oxidation
The small size and high dispersion of cocatalysts on supports are essential to increase the chance to contact with a Pt catalyst for promoting the synergistic effect. In this paper, we report theExpand
Strongly coupled Ag/TiO2 heterojunctions for effective and stable photothermal catalytic reduction of 4-nitrophenol
The development of effective catalysts for the catalytic conversion of the harmful nitrophenol (NP) into the useful aminophenol (AP) has received extensive interest. Herein, we report the easy andExpand
GO-induced assembly of gelatin toward stacked layer-like porous carbon for advanced supercapacitors.
It was found that the rational combination of RGO and porous carbon is essential for enhancing the capacitance performance and improving the cycling stability and the high conductivity is favorable for improving the rate performance of the materials. Expand
Light emitting electrochemical devices from sequentially adsorbed multilayers of a polymeric ruthenium (II) complex and various polyanions
Abstract We have fabricated light emitting devices based on sequentially adsorbed multilayers of an electrochemiluminescent active ruthenium (II) complex, Ru(bpy)32+ polyester, and various polyanionsExpand
Integrating the active OER and HER components as the heterostructures for the efficient overall water splitting
Abstract Developing the efficient and low-cost electrocatalysts for overall water splitting is of the great importance for the production of H 2 . The popular bi-functional catalysts usually shownExpand