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Drawing and Labeling High-Quality Metro Maps by Mixed-Integer Programming
  • M. Nöllenburg, A. Wolff
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer…
  • 1 May 2011
Metro maps are schematic diagrams of public transport networks that serve as visual aids for route planning and navigation tasks. It is a challenging problem in network visualization to automaticallyExpand
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Point labeling with sliding labels
Abstract This paper discusses algorithms for labeling sets of points in the plane, where labels are not restricted to some finite number of positions. We show that continuously sliding labels allowExpand
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Three Rules Suffice for Good Label Placement
Abstract. The general label-placement problem consists in labeling a set of features (points, lines, regions) given a set of candidates (rectangles, circles, ellipses, irregularly shaped labels) forExpand
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Boundary labeling: Models and efficient algorithms for rectangular maps
We introduce boundary labeling, a new model for labeling point sites with large labels. According to the boundary-labeling model, labels are placed around an axis-parallel rectangle that contains theExpand
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Augmenting the Connectivity of Planar and Geometric Graphs
In this paper we study connectivity augmentation problems. Given a connected graph G with some desirable property, we want to make G 2-vertex connected (or 2-edge connected) by adding edges such thatExpand
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Boundary Labeling: Models and Efficient Algorithms for Rectangular Maps
In this paper, we present boundary labeling, a new approach for labeling point sets with large labels. We first place disjoint labels around an axis-parallel rectangle that contains the points. ThenExpand
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Drawing Subway Maps: A Survey
  • A. Wolff
  • Computer Science
  • Informatik - Forschung und Entwicklung
  • 29 November 2007
AbstractThis paper deals with automating the drawing of subway maps. There are two features of schematic subway maps that make them different from drawings of other networks such as flow charts orExpand
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Labeling Points with Circles
  • T. Strijk, A. Wolff
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Int. J. Comput. Geom. Appl.
  • 1 April 2001
We present a new algorithm for labeling points with circles of equal size. Our algorithm tries to maximize the label size. It improves the approximation factor of the only known algorithm for thisExpand
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Manhattan-Geodesic Embedding of Planar Graphs
In this paper, we explore a new convention for drawing graphs, the (Manhattan-) geodesic drawing convention. It requires that edges are drawn as interior-disjoint monotone chains of axis-parallelExpand
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Untangling a Planar Graph
In John Tantalo's on-line game Planarity the player is given a non-plane straight-line drawing of a planar graph. The aim is to make the drawing plane as quickly as possible by moving vertices. PachExpand
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