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Corrections to virial estimates of molecular cloud masses
The application of the virial theorem to the determination of giant molecular cloud masses is reconsidered. It is argued that it is necessary to transform the results to equivalent velocity widthsExpand
Fluctuations in the galactic synchrotron radiation. I, Implications for searches for fluctuations of cosmological origin
The likely contribution of galactic synchrotron radiation (GSR) to the apparent anisotropies of the Cosmic Microwave Background radiation (CMB) is reviewed. A GSR-quiet region of the sky isExpand
Origin of ultra high energy cosmic rays
THE origin and propagation of cosmic rays have been intriguing physicists ever since their discovery in 1912. The main obstacle to identifying the sources of charged particles is the galacticExpand
Energy spectrum of ultra high energy cosmic rays
AT energies above ∼ 1017 eV it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain the observed near isotropy of ultra high energy cosmic rays if they are of Galactic origin, unless there is an extensive haloExpand
The diffuse flux of energetic extragalactic gamma rays
An improved determination is made of the energy spectrum of the so-called diffuse component of extragalactic gamma rays over the range 30 MeV-10 GeV. The data used comprise gamma ray spectra from theExpand
Secular solar and geomagnetic variations in the last 10,000 years. Proceedings at the NATO Advanced Research Workshop, held at Durham, England, 6 - 10 April 1987.
Section I. The Sun.- Variability of the Present and Ancient Sun: a test of Solar Uniformitarianism.- The Sun among the Stars: What Stars Indicate about Solar Variability.- Long and Short Cycles inExpand
Observational Tests of Cosmological Inflation
I. Inflation Theory.- Fundamental Arguments for Inflation.- Predictions of Inflation.- Classicality of Density Perturbations in the Early Universe.- The Influence of Non-Linear Density FluctuationsExpand
The Public Understanding of Science Matters
Some of th e m easures developed in th e last O ctober's report Public Understanding of Science, Engineering and Technology published by th e UK's ministerial Office of Science and Technology haveExpand
Long Term Time Variability of Cosmic Rays and Possible Relevance to the Development of Life on Earth
An analysis is made of the manner in which the cosmic ray intensity at Earth has varied over its existence and its possible relevance to both the origin and the evolution of life. Much of theExpand
Implications of the correlation between radio and far-infrared emission for spiral galaxies
Une theorie est proposee pour la correlation entre le continuum radio et le rayonnement IR-lointain thermique pour les galaxies spirales normales. Dans cette theorie, on suppose que les sortiesExpand