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Peri-operative complications following surgical closure of atrial septal defect type II in 232 patients--a baseline study.
This study intends to provide a detailed overview of the types and rates of peri-operative complications after surgical correction of an isolated ASD II. The transvenous approach to the occlusion ofExpand
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Oesophageal cancer treatment: studies, strategies and facts.
Esophageal cancer is among the ten most frequent cancers in the world. Once diagnosis is established prognosis is poor with five-year survival rates below 10%. Over the last few years, theExpand
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Phase-space visualization of a metal?insulator transition
The Aubry–Andre model with its transition from a delocalized to a localized phase in one dimension is particularly well suited for a phase-space study of such a metal–insulator transition. TheExpand
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A Corpus-Driven Approach for Design, Evolution and Alignment of Ontologies
We show how textmining on relevant text corpora can be used to identify matching ontology terms of two separate ontologies and to propose new ontology Terms for a given term. Expand
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Delocalization and Heisenberg's uncertainty relation
Abstract:In the one-dimensional Anderson model the eigenstates are localized for arbitrarily small amounts of disorder. In contrast, the Aubry-André model with its quasiperiodic potential shows aExpand
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Random matrix model for quantum dots with interactions and the conductance peak spacing distribution
We introduce a random interaction matrix model (RIMM) for finite-size strongly interacting fermionic systems whose single-particle dynamics is chaotic. The model is applied to Coulomb blockadeExpand
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Disordered mesoscopic systems with interactions: Induced two-body ensembles and the Hartree-Fock approach
We introduce a generic approach to study interaction effects in diffusive or chaotic quantum dots in the Coulomb blockade regime. The randomness of the single-particle wave functions inducesExpand
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Fluctuations of interactions and the peak spacings distribution in Coulomb blockade quantum dots
Abstract Experimental and theoretical investigations of the distribution of Coulomb blockade peak spacings in chaotic quantum dots have shown a significant deviation from the Wigner–DysonExpand
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Interaction effects on the conductance peak height statistics in quantum dots
A random interaction matrix model is used to study the statistics of conductance peak heights in Coulomb blockade quantum dots. The model contains a parameter U that measures the fluctuation width ofExpand
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Interplay disorder–interaction in one‐dimensional quantum models
We show that the crossover from the weak interaction limit towards the strong interaction limit may be accompanied by a delocalization effect in one dimensional disordered quantum models. The spinExpand
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