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From the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean: Medieval History in Geographic Perspective
  • A. Wink
  • Comparative Studies in Society and History
  • 1 July 2002
It is widely acknowledged that Orientalist notions of political economy were marred by geographic determinism. From Marx to Wittfogel, generic concepts such as the “Asiatic mode of production,” theExpand
Al-Hind, the Making of the Indo-Islamic World
  • A. Wink
  • Geography, History
  • 1 June 1991
Volume I In this volume, Andre Wink analyzes the beginning of the process of momentous and long-term change that came with the Islamization of the regions that the Arabs called al-Hind-India andExpand
A worldwide network for comparative studies on caravans: past, present and future
Persis B. Clarkson1, Calogero M. Santoro2*, Thomas E. Levy3, Lautaro Núñez4, Axel Nielsen5, Steven Rosen6, Frank Förster7,8, José M. Capriles9, Anatoly M. Khazanov10, Michael Frachetti11, DanielaExpand
Nomads in the Sedentary World
Nomads in the history of the sedentary world the case of pre-Cinggisid Rus' and Georgia the Khanganate and its impact on the early Rus' state - the translatio imperii from Itil to Kiev CumanExpand
Land and Sovereignty in India: Agrarian Society and Politics under the Eighteenth-Century Maratha Svarajya.
List of maps and diagrams Preface List of abbreviations Glossary Introduction Part I. Brahman, King and Emperor: 1. Sovereignty and universal dominion 2. Mughal expansion in the Deccan 3. The MarathaExpand
Early medieval India and the expansion of Islam, 7th-11th centuries
This book is the first of a projected series of five which aims to analyse the process of momentous and long-term change which came with the Islamization of the regions which the Arabs calledExpand
World Trade, Merchant Empires, and the Economy of the Indian Ocean
  • A. Wink
  • Political Science
  • 1 March 1993
JAMES D. TRACY, ed. The Political Economy of Merchant Empires: State Power and World Trade 1350–1750. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1991. Pp. vi, 504. K.N. CHAUDHURI. Asia before Europe:Expand