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Occupational stress in universities: Staff perceptions of the causes, consequences and moderators of stress
In recent years, the Australian university sector has undergone large-scale organizational change, including restructuring, downsizing and government funding cuts. At the same time, research fromExpand
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Occupational stress in Australian university staff: results from a national survey
This article presents results from a study of occupational stress in Australian university staff. The authors report data on psychological strain and job satisfaction from nearly 9,000 respondents atExpand
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Development and Validation of a Scale to Measure Work-Related Fatigue and Recovery: The Occupational Fatigue Exhaustion/Recovery Scale (OFER)
Objective: Various empirical studies link persistent failure to recover from acute fatigue to the evolution of chronic fatigue. However, existing fatigue measurement scales do not tend to distinguishExpand
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Reliability of temporal summation and diffuse noxious inhibitory control.
BACKGROUND The test-retest reliability of temporal summation (TS) and diffuse noxious inhibitory control (DNIC) has not been reported to date. Establishing such reliability would support theExpand
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Further Development and Validation of the Occupational Fatigue Exhaustion Recovery (OFER) Scale
Objective: Refinement of the Occupational Fatigue Exhaustion Recovery (OFER) scale. Method: The responses of 510 nurses to the OFER scale, two of whose scales contained additional items, wereExpand
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Occupational Stress in University Staff
A survey was conducted of all staff members of an established Australian metropolitan university. The overall response rate for noncasual staff was 72% (77% for general staff and 65% for academicExpand
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Poker‐machine gambling: An analysis of within session characteristics
The aim of this study was to examine the nature of poker-machine gambling (the Australian equivalent of British fruit machines and American slot-machines) in an ecologically valid setting. EighteenExpand
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Job demands, work‐family conflict, and emotional exhaustion in police officers: A longitudinal test of competing theories
We propose and test a comprehensive theory designed to explain seemingly contradictory relations between job demands, emotional exhaustion, and work-family conflict (WFC) reported in the literature.Expand
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Work‐family conflict in East vs Western countries
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to advance the understanding of both directions of work‐family conflict (WFC), work interference with family (WIF) and family interference with work (FIW) in anExpand
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Unemployment: Its psychological costs
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