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Households and the production of public and private domains: revolutionary changes in Western Sahara's liberation movement
Saharawi refugees from Western Sahara have been leading a social revolution from the desert refugee camps in Algeria, where they have been living since the partial annexation of Western Sahara byExpand
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Cycles of crisis, migration and the formation of new political identities in Western Sahara
This paper considers how conjunctions of crisis and migration are productive in a Foucauldian sense. More specifically, it examines how cycles of crisis and migration are productive of new politicalExpand
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Purdue's Engineer Of 2020: The Journey
To remain competitive in a financially uncertain and increasingly changing global economy, engineering companies and businesses need a workforce that is not only technically competent, but that isExpand
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Agrifood Inequalities: Globalization and localization
The current agrifood system is in crisis. At the core of this crisis is a constellation of escalating inequalities. Patricia Allen and Alice Brooke Wilson ask how are social movements and innovationsExpand
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Three-dimensional holographic radiography.
The techniques of holography enable a photographic record to be made which can produce a three-dimensional image possessing both parallax and correct perspective. Since the hologram is an opticalExpand
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Meeting Report (with Extended Abstracts): CEIR Forum on the Effects of High-LET Radiation at Low Doses/Dose Rates
SummaryThe Forum, held in London on 14 December 1989, was organized by the Medical Research Council's Committee on the Effects of Ionizing Radiation (CEIR). Sessions were chaired by Professor G. E.Expand
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Rapid techniques in diagnostic electron microscopy.
This paper summarizes the rapid preparation procedures for electron microscopy published thus far and assesses their strengths and weaknesses. We also discuss whether there is a real need for rapidExpand
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1 µm MOSFET VLSI technology: Part VI—Electron-beam lithography
This paper discusses the fabrication of 1 µm minimum linewidth FET polysilicon-gate devices and circuits. These were designed for the tight dimensional ground rules (resolution, linewidth control,Expand
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