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Intergenerational Communication Across the Life Span
Contents: Introduction. Part I: Social Psychological and Developmental Foundations. Theoretical Foundations for the Study of Intergenerational Communication. Intergenerational Contexts and Contact.Expand
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Intergenerational Conversations Young Adults' Retrospective Accounts
This research was conducted by combining the theoretical insights of communication accommodation theory and the communicative predicament model (CPM) of aging with methodological procedures drawnExpand
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The Portrayal of Older Adults in Advertising
From a multinational perspective, this article provides an overview of a number of research programs examining portrayals of older adults in advertising. The research described includes bothExpand
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Intergenerational Communication Across Cultures: Young People's Perceptions of Conversations with Family Elders, Non-family Elders and Same-Age Peers
Young adults from three Western (Canada, U.S.A., and New Zealand) and three East Asian (The Philippines, South Korea and Japan) nations completed a questionnaire regarding their perceptions ofExpand
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Young People's Beliefs About Intergenerational Communication
This article examines young people's perceptions of their conversations with older people (age 65-85) across nine cultures−five Eastern and four Western. Responses from more than 1,000 participantsExpand
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Adolescents' Relationships With Parents
Adolescents' relationships with parents are examined in this article. The perspective taken here is in terms of communication negotiations centering around three main dialectical forces at work inExpand
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Young People's Evaluations of Intergenerational Versus Peer Underaccommodation
Research concerned with social perceptions of older people has suggested that they are commonly viewed in rather negative stereotypical ways. Takingan intergroup perspective, this study examinedExpand
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Perceptual dialectology, folklinguistics, and regional stereotypes: Teachers’ perceptions of variation in Welsh English
Les As. presentent une analyse qualitative des attitudes et des perceptions des enseignants par rapport aux varietes d'anglais parlees au Pays de Galles. Les personnes interrogees etaient chargees deExpand
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Age Vitality Across Eleven Nations
This paper is the second in a series of empirical applications of the concept of (ethnolinguistic) vitality into the intergenerational arena. It examines young people's assessments of the subjectiveExpand
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