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Trace element and Sigma DDT concentrations in horticultural soils from the Tasman, Waikato and Auckland regions of New Zealand.
The p,p'-DDE:DDT ratios indicate that the degradation of DDT in NZ horticultural soils may be inhibited by the co-contamination with trace elements, which has implications for the on-going use of agrichemicals. Expand
Isolation of pectenotoxin-2 from Dinophysis acuta and its conversion to pectenotoxin-2 seco acid, and preliminary assessment of their acute toxicities.
No diarrhea was observed in mice dosed with PTX-2 nor PTX -2 SA, suggesting that pectenotoxins do not belong in the diarrhetic shellfish poison group. Expand
Isolation, structural determination and acute toxicity of pinnatoxins E, F and G.
Examination of the toxin structures, together with analysis of environmental samples, suggests that pinnatoxins F and G are produced separately in different dinoflagellates. Expand
Chemical, physical and antimicrobial properties of essential oils of Leptospermum scoparium and Kunzea ericoides.
The major components of commercial New Zealand essential oils of Leptospermum scoparium (manuka) and Kunzea ericoides (kanuka) are identified and simple density measurements enabled discrimination between the commercial oil and oils from other sites, and prediction of antimicrobial activity. Expand
Polyclonal antibodies to domoic acid, and their use in immunoassays for domoic acid in sea water and shellfish.
The ELISA was shown to be appropriate for analysis of DA in algal cultures and in samples of seawater, and thus has the potential to provide early warning of developing algal blooms. Expand
Removal and Transformation of Resin Acids during Secondary Treatment at a New Zealand Bleached Kraft Pulp and Paper Mill
Investigations were undertaken on a full scale lagoon treatment system receiving effluents from a bleached kraft pulp and paper mill which processed softwoods. The system was examined over fourExpand
Uptake of SigmaDDT, arsenic, cadmium, copper, and lead by lettuce and radish grown in contaminated horticultural soils.
Results demonstrate that aged residues of SigmaDDT, As, Cd, Cu, and Pb in horticultural soils have remained phytoavailable. Expand
Persistence of polycyclic aromatic compounds of different molecular size and water solubility in surficial sediment of an intertidal sandflat
The persistence of 13 polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), ranging from two- to six-ring compounds, in an intertidal sandflat was studied by applying uniform amounts (0.10 g) of each to theExpand
Extractives from New Zealand honeys. 1. White clover, manuka and kanuka unifloral honeys
Analyse de la composition des extraits obtenus par l'ether en continu en phase liquide/liquide. Sur les 61 constituants separes par chromatographie gazeuse ou en couche mince, on en identifie 59Expand
Gymnodimine C, an isomer of gymnodimine B, from Karenia selliformis.
The structure of gymnodimine C, determined by one- and two-dimensional 1H NMR spectroscopy and mass spectrometry, was found to be isomeric with gymnodIMine B at C-18. Expand