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Evaluation of universal, indicated, and combined cognitive-behavioral approaches to the prevention of depression among adolescents.
A cluster, stratified randomized design was used to evaluate the impact of universal, indicated, and combined universal plus indicated cognitive- behavioral approaches to the prevention of depressionExpand
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Adolescents’ Reactions to Universal and Indicated Prevention Programs for Depression: Perceived Stigma and Consumer Satisfaction
There is a common view that one of the major considerations in selecting between universal and indicated interventions is the marked stigma produced by the latter. However, to date there has been noExpand
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Flower Symmetry Preferences in Honeybees and their Crab Spider Predators
Flowers exhibit symmetrical patterns, and innate preferences for symmetry in pollinators like honeybees are documented. Most previous studies of symmetry preferences in honeybees, Apis mellifera,Expand
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Helping Your Anxious Child: A Step-by-Step Guide for Parents
This book teaches you to understand your child's anxiety and the options for dealing with it - without a therapist's help. Learn how to respond to your child's needs for reassurance, avoid commonExpand
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Assassin bug uses aggressive mimicry to lure spider prey
  • A. Wignall, P. Taylor
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological…
  • 7 May 2011
Assassin bugs (Stenolemus bituberus) hunt web-building spiders by invading the web and plucking the silk to generate vibrations that lure the resident spider into striking range. To test whetherExpand
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Short-term Effectiveness of a School-based Early Intervention Program for Adolescent Depression
This article reports on the effectiveness of an early intervention program, 'Adolescents Coping with Emotions' (ACE), for depression in girls. ACE was assessed in a short-term wait-list controlExpand
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Honeybees (Apis mellifera) holding on to memories: response competition causes retroactive interference effects
Five experiments on honeybees examined how the learning of a second task interferes with what was previously learned. Free flying bees were tested for landmark-based memory in variations on aExpand
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Male courtship vibrations delay predatory behaviour in female spiders
During courtship, individuals transfer information about identity, mating status and quality. However, male web-building spiders face a significant problem: how to begin courting female spidersExpand
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Predatory behaviour of an araneophagic assassin bug
Assassin bugs from the genus Stenolemus (Heteroptera, Reduviidae) are predators of web-building spiders. However, despite their fascinating lifestyle, little is known about how these insects hunt andExpand
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