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Modeling and emulation of nonstationary Gaussian fields
Evidence is given to show that non-stationary covariance functions based on the Mat`ern family can be reproduced by the Lat- ticeKrig model, a flexible, multi-resolution representation of Gaussian processes that emulates spatial fields derived from numerical model simulations such as Earth system models. Expand
Modeling spatial data using local likelihood estimation and a Matérn to spatial autoregressive translation
This work uses a nonstationary spatial autoregressive (SAR) model, related to Gaussian Markov random field methods, as the global model which is amenable to plug in local estimates and practical for large datasets. Expand
Modeling spatial data using local likelihood estimation and a Mat\'ern to SAR translation
This work investigates the non-stationary spatial autoregressive (SAR) model related to Gaussian Markov random field (GMRF) methods, which is amenable to plug in local estimates and practical for large data sets. Expand
Surface Estimation for Multiple Misaligned Point Sets
A statistical approach to solving the registration and surface estimation problems jointly allows uncertainty in registration to be propagated to the surface prediction variance and shows significant improvement in transformation parameter estimates using the statistical approach. Expand
Topographic change detection at Chalk Cliffs, Colorado, USA, using Airborne LiDAR and UAS-based Structure-from-Motion photogrammetry
The Chalk Cliffs debris-flow site is a small headwater catchment incised into highly fractured and hydrothermally altered quartz monzonite in a semiarid climate. Over half of the extremely steepExpand
R Workshop Series
Interrater Reliability for a Two-Interval, Observer-Based Procedure for Measuring Hearing in Young Children.
Results from this study confirm strong interrater reliability for the Play Observer-Based, Two-Interval method, a powerful tool for measuring detection and discrimination abilities in young children. Expand
Interrater reliability of the PlayO2I method (Bonino et al., 2020)
Purpose: To overcome methodology limitations for studying auditory development in young children, we have recently developed an observer-based procedure that uses a conditioned, play-based, motorExpand
Nonrigid Registration Using Gaussian Processes and Local Likelihood Estimation
The nonrigid registration method is applied to a pair of massive remote sensing elevation data sets exhibiting complex geological terrain, with improved accuracy and uncertainty quantification in a cross validation study versus two rigid registration methods. Expand
Estimating conditional probabilities of historical migrations in the transatlantic slave trade using kriging and Markov decision process models
A novel two-step statistical approach is developed to describe the enslavement of people given documented violent conflict, the transport of enslaved peoples from their location of capture to their port of departure, and---given an enslaved individual's location of departure---that person's probability of origin. Expand