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Gravity Waves and Linear Inflation from Axion Monodromy
Wrapped branes in string compactifications introduce a monodromy that extends the field range of individual closed-string axions to beyond the Planck scale. Furthermore, approximate shift symmetries
Monodromy in the CMB: Gravity Waves and String Inflation
We present a simple mechanism for obtaining large-field inflation, and hence a gravitational wave signature, from string theory compactified on twisted tori. For nil manifolds, we obtain a leading
Oscillations in the CMB from Axion Monodromy Inflation
We study the CMB observables in axion monodromy inflation. These well-motivated scenarios for inflation in string theory have monomial potentials over super-Planckian field ranges, with superimposed
Quantum states of neutrons in the Earth's gravitational field
Experimental evidence for gravitational quantum bound states of neutrons is reported, where the particles are allowed to fall towards a horizontal mirror which, together with the Earth's gravitational field, provides the necessary confining potential well and the falling neutrons jump from one height to another, as predicted by quantum theory.
Toward de Sitter space from ten dimensions
Using a 10D lift of non-perturbative volume stabilization in type IIB string theory we study the limitations for obtaining de Sitter vacua. Based on this we find that the simplest KKLT vacua with a
Simple exercises to flatten your potential
We show how backreaction of the inflaton potential energy on heavy scalar fields can flatten the inflationary potential, as the heavy fields adjust to their most energetically favorable
Axion monodromy and the weak gravity conjecture
A bstractAxions with broken discrete shift symmetry (axion monodromy) have recently played a central role both in the discussion of inflation and the ‘relaxion’ approach to the hierarchy problem. We
Building an explicit de Sitter
A bstractWe construct an explicit example of a de Sitter vacuum in type IIB string theory that realizes the proposal of Kähler uplifting. As the large volume limit in this method depends on the rank
The powers of monodromy
A bstractFlux couplings to string theory axions yield super-Planckian field ranges along which the axion potential energy grows. At the same time, other aspects of the physics remain essentially
Measurement of quantum states of neutrons in the earth's gravitational field
The lowest stationary quantum state of neutrons in the Earth's gravitational field is identified in the measurement of neutron transmission between a horizontal mirror on the bottom and an