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Critical reviews
In a most welcome monograph, a group of experts on the Early Dynastic IIIa texts from Shuruppak, modern Fara, have combined their considerable skills to provide, in a form accessible both toExpand
Cuneiform Inscriptions in the Collection of the Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem: The Old Babylonian Inscriptions
This volume offers new cuneiform sources on the political, religious, juridical, and economic history of southern Babylonia in the nineteenth and early eighteenth centuries B.C.E. Among these textsExpand
The Graeco-Babyloniaca Once Again
Abstract In this article, collations of the 13 Graeco-Babyloniaca texts presently in the British Museum, as well as photographs of nine of these, are offered; the cultural Sitz im Leben of theExpand
Early Nippur Year Dates and the Sumerian King List
Old Sumerian and Old Akkadian Texts in the National Museum of Copenhagen
Of the eight tablets published here all but no. 2 were acquired through purchase and were presented to the Museum in 1939 by Thorkild Jacobsen. It is apparently unknown whether the tablets wereExpand
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