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MR‐microscopic visualization of anisotropic internal cartilage structures using the magic angle technique
NMR microscopic studies of articular cartilage at 7.1 T are presented. Using a special experimental design, T2‐weighted spin‐echo images of cartilage‐bone plugs were taken under variable angles withExpand
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Action of Compression and Cations on the Proton and Deuterium Relaxation in Cartilage
In this paper, investigations are described on the influence of osmotic pressures and of varying cation concentrations on water relaxation times in cartilage (pig articular cartilage and bovine nasalExpand
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Spatially resolved elemental distributions in articular cartilage
Abstract In this study, the nuclear microprobe technique is employed to analyse the chemistry of joint cartilage in order to correlate internal structures of the collagen network with the elementalExpand
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Pulsed field gradient NMR and nuclear magnetic relaxation studies of water mobility in hydrated collagen II
Transverse nuclear magnetic relaxation and self‐diffusion of water were measured in hydrated collagen II. Self‐diffusion measurements were conducted by pulsed field gradient NMR (PFG NMR) andExpand
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Anomalous size-dependence of interfacial profiles between coexisting phases of polymer mixtures in thin-film geometry: A Monte Carlo simulation
The interfacial profile between coexisting phases of a binary mixture (A,B) in a thin film of thickness D and lateral linear dimensions L depends sensitively on both the linear dimensions and on theExpand
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Skin Temperature After Interscalene Brachial Plexus Blockade
Background and Objectives: In neuraxial anesthesia, increase of skin temperature is an early sign of successful block. Yet, during peripheral nerve block of the lower extremity, increase in skinExpand
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Fly Ash from Municipal Solid Waste Incineration as a Potential Thermochemical Energy Storage Material
Each year, combustion at municipal solid waste incineration (MSWI) plants produces millions of tons of fly ash globally. This ash is characterized as a hazardous material and is mostly placed inExpand
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Pressure regulating ear plug testing in a pressure chamber.
INTRODUCTION Middle ear barotrauma is a condition frequently associated with flying. It is usually caused by Eustachian tube (ET) dysfunction. Pressure-regulating earplugs (PREP) should improveExpand
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Accurate measurement of the core body temperature (cbt) is fundamental to the study of human temperature regulation. As standard sites for the placement of cbt measurement sensors have been used: theExpand
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