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Isomers in Pd128 and Pd126: Evidence for a Robust Shell Closure at the Neutron Magic Number 82 in Exotic Palladium Isotopes
The level structures of the very neutron-rich nuclei $^{128}\mathrm{Pd}$ and $^{126}\mathrm{Pd}$ have been investigated for the first time. In the $r$-process waiting-point nucleusExpand
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Identification of a millisecond isomeric state in Cd81129 via the detection of internal conversion and Compton electrons
Abstract The decay of an isomeric state in the neutron-rich nucleus 129 Cd has been observed via the detection of internal conversion and Compton electrons providing first experimental information onExpand
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Study of isomeric states in 198,200,202,206 Pb and 206 Hg populated in fragmentation reactions
Isomeric states in isotopes in the vicinity of doubly-magic 208Pb were populated following reactions of a relativistic 208Pb primary beam impinging on a 9Be fragmentation target. Secondary beams ofExpand
Isomer and beta decay spectroscopy in the 132Sn region with EURICA
A. Jungclaus et al.; 4 pags.; 1 fig.; Open Access funded by Creative Commons Atribution Licence 2.0
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Beta decay and isomer spectroscopy in the 132Sn region: New results from EURICA
The first EURICA campaign with high intensity Uranium beams took place at RIKEN in November/December 2012. Within this campaign experiment NP1112-RIBF85 was performed dedicated to the study of theExpand
γ -ray spectroscopy of 33 P and 33 S after fusion-evaporation reactions
Excited states with intermediate and high spins in P33 and S33 have been populated using the Mg26(C13,npα) and Mg26(C13,2nα) fusion-evaporation reactions. The level schemes of both nuclei have beenExpand
Erratum: Isospin symmetry in the sd shell: Transition strengths in the neutron-deficient sd shell nucleus Ar 33 (Physical Review C - Nuclear Physics (2014) 90 (054301))
A. Wendt et al. ; 1 pag. ; PACS number(s): 21.10.Hw, 23.20.Js, 25.70.De, 27.30.+t, 99.10.Fg
Connecticut College Environmental Studies Department
Alexander, T.; Podolyak, Zs.; Cortes, M. L.; Gerl, J.; Rudolph, Dirk; Sarmiento Pico, Luis; Ameil, F.; Arici, T.; Bazzacco, D.; Bauer, Ch; Bentley, M. A.; Blazhev, A.; Bowry, M.; Boutachkov, P.;Expand
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Isospin Symmetry in the sd Shell: Transition Strengths in the Neutron-deficient sd Shell Nucleus 33Ar
Reduced transition strengths of the deexciting transitions from the first two excited states in 33Ar were measured in a relativistic Coulomb excitation experiment at the GSI Helmholtz center. TheExpand
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