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Modelling the abundance of rare species: statistical models for counts with extra zeros
We consider several statistical models for the analysis of the abundance of a rare species and these are illustrated in detail with data for the abundance of Leadbeater's Possum in montane ashExpand
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Generalized additive modelling and zero inflated count data
This paper describes a flexible method for modelling zero inflated count data which are typically found when trying to model and predict species distributions. Zero inflated data are defined as dataExpand
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Asymptotic results for multiple imputation
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Testing for exponential and Marshall-Olkin distributions
Abstract Statistical tests for testing composite goodness-of-fit hypotheses on the exponential and bivariate Marshall-Olkin exponential distribution are proposed and investigated. The tests are basedExpand
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Model Selection in Linear Mixed Models
Linear mixed effects models are highly flexible in handling a broad range of data types and are therefore widely used in applications. A key part in the analysis of data is model selection, whichExpand
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Bootstrapping clustered data
Various bootstraps have been proposed for bootstrapping clustered data from one-way arrays. The simulation results in the literature suggest that some of these methods work quite well in practice;Expand
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Robust Restricted Maximum Likelihood in Mixed Linear Models
SUMMARY Definitions of robust maximum likelihood (robust ML) and robust restricted maximum likelihood (robust REML) are introduced, and the definitions are applied to data from biological andExpand
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Nonparametric Function Estimation of the Relationship between two Repeatedly Measured Variables
We describe methods for estimating the regression function nonparametrically and for estimating the variance components in a simple variance component model which is sometimes used for repeatedExpand
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Local Estimating Equations
Abstract Estimating equations have found wide popularity recently in parametric problems, yielding consistent estimators with asymptotically valid inferences obtained via the sandwich formula.Expand
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13 Approaches to the robust estimation of mixed models
Publisher Summary This chapter discusses various approaches for the robust estimation of mixed models. It summarizes estimation based on maximising the Gaussian likelihood and discusses estimationExpand
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